Best Baby Monitor for Twins (Suitable for One or Different Rooms)

Best Baby Monitor for Twins in 2022 ( Suitable for One or Different Rooms)

A flashback into my second trimester of pregnancy with my first bundles of joy reveals so much excitement and shopping errands. Well, being a first-time mum as well as a stay-at-home mum, I wasn’t settling for less; I wanted the best for them.

And so when it came to shopping for the baby monitor, it took a lot of research and window shopping for me to settle for the best dual baby monitor.

I was looking at the durability, battery life, transmission range, audio and video images, and camera expandability.

Also, a handful of other auxiliary features that would make raising my multiples easier.  Some of these features include two-way talkback communication, room temperature sensor, and zoom feature just to mention a few.

The monitor that got my attention was the infant optics DXR-8 video monitor. But that does not mean, there aren’t other high-quality baby monitors in the market.

Read on to find out the best baby monitor for twins

7 Features to Look Out for in a Baby Monitor for Twins

1. Durability

Baby monitors are prone to falls, I can’t remember the number of times it felt from my arms and that of the babies.

The good news is a good quality camera remains intact even with the unfortunate falls.

It pays off to dig deeper into your pocket for that high-quality baby monitor.

2. Night vision

For your peace of mind, consider a baby monitor with invisible night vision. That way, you can monitor your babies at night with so much ease at the comfort of your room.

3. Battery Life

This might be the last thing you will ever think of as you shop for a baby monitor. Well, it is an essential feature to look out for in a dual baby monitor.

A monitor with a long battery life does not restrict your movements and allows you to sleep through the night.

 It is recommendable to choose at least an eight-hour battery life. 

4. Two-way communication

As a mother, you will realize that sometimes all your baby needs is to feel your presence and not necessarily see you.  A baby monitor that allows you to soothe your babies with your voice from any corner of your room is definitely a plus.

The two-way communication works fine and you might find your baby falling back to sleep if she had woken up early enough.

5. Range and signal

When shopping for a baby monitor, consider one which offers you a good quality range and great signal strength. This way, long range baby monitor help you can monitor your bundles of joy easily whether you are at the end corner of the house or even in the backyard.

For best performance, consider one that offers a range of at least 700 feet, features a digital transmission and captures even the softest sounds.  

6. Multi-cam support

Another option for parents of twins is best baby monitor with 2 cameras, to monitor them when you’re not around.

You would want to keep track of your babies at the same time, whether in the same or different nursery rooms.

Pick a baby monitor model that supports more than one camera. To enjoy crisp-clear images of your twins, look out for high-quality cameras.   

7. Size of the screen

With a larger screen of the baby monitor, you get a detailed display of your babies and the entire room.  Also, you get a better glimpse of the twins and what they are up to.

Conversely, it is true to say that some baby monitors with a small screen also offer a clear view.

Best Split Screen Baby Monitor : The modern technology has made it possible for parents to keep an eye on their babies with the help of innovations, Baby monitor be aware of the baby’s activities, even if parents are not present in the room.

There are many types of baby monitors on the market with different advantages and functions such as baby sense monitor, baby sound monitor, audio baby monitor, etc….

So, we introduce to you the best baby monitor for twins

Reviews of the best baby monitor for twins

1. Infant Optics DXR-8 Video Baby Monitor

If you are planning to have your twins in a single nursery room, the infant optics DXR-8 baby monitor is a must-have. It comes along with amazing features that you would love to see in a baby monitor.

Here are its key features:

a. Interchangeable lenses

Infant Optics DXR-8 offers you the flexibility to change lenses to your preference. You can change the default lens with a zoom lens or a wide-angle lens.

The standard 2.5 mm default lense offers you a good coverage; you can see your babies and immediate surroundings. On the other hand, the zoom lens enhances your babies safety as it is placed far away from them; 8.2 feet by 2.5 meters will do.

Conversely, with the wide-angle lens, you get to enjoy a 170 degrees panoramic view of your babies’ nursery. This lens works best with a second camera placed on one corner in the room.

It is considered the best lense for monitoring older children playing as opposed to infants since it does not offer the best view of a sleeping baby.

Note that, you will separately source the wide-angle lens. Check price on Amazon. And so are the 4 add-on cameras that the baby monitor supports.

b. Audio and video quality

A baby monitor with poor audio and video quality does not beat its purpose. You can be sure that the infant optics DXR-8 does not skimp on its performance when it comes to this feature.

The monitor offers you crystal clear video image of your twins thanks to the 3.5-inch color LCD screen that offers wide display. What’s more, the monitor features infrared night vision ensuring that the images remain clear even at night but not bright enough to disturb the sleeping babies.

Its video quality is further enhanced by the 8 LEDs and a low light sensor. Note that you can adjust its brightness.

The monitor’s sound quality is also above par. The microphone placed in the nursery captures even slightest sound that your babies make. What’s more, you can adjust the volume of the monitor.

At night, you can easily turn off the video display and remain with the audio if you wish to.

c. Range and signal strength

Infant optics is one of the best long-range baby monitors. It makes use of the wireless 2.4 GHz FHSS signal thus producing stable ad smooth videos.

The signal range goes as far as 700 feet/120 meters outside the house, and 85 feet by 25 meters within the house.

Interestingly, when out of range, the monitor alerts you.

d. Battery life

You get to monitor your twins sleeping uninterrupted for at least 6 hours with the screen on. However, when on a saving mode it powers for up to 10 hours.

A beep sound alerts you whenever the battery is almost running out. Its battery takes up to seven (7) hours for a full charge.

What I love most is the fact that you can replace its Li-ion batteries hence expanding its shelf life.

e. Secure

The optics DXR-8 monitor uses the 2.4GHz channel coupled with FHSS technology to transmit both the audio and the video. Therefore, enhancing its safety from internet hackers.

f. Other features

Talk-back function
Room temperature sensor


  • Durable
  • High-quality video transmission.
  • Multi-cam support.
  • Flexibility to swap lenses.
  • Simple to operate.
  • Long battery life.
  • Low indoor range.
  • Inability to play lullabies.

2. V-Tech VM321-2 Video Baby Monitor

Monitor your twins’ smiles, giggles, cries, discomforts, etc. with the V-Tech 321-2 baby monitor. You get to enjoy clear and secure audio and video transmission in a high resolution 2.8” color LCD screen.

What I love most about this monitor is the fact that you get to listen to even the slightest of sounds.

So, what are its main features?

a. Adjustable camera lens

With the V-Tech VM321-2 baby monitor, you get to adjust the camera lens to your desired angle for a better view of your babies.

b. DECT 6.0 Digital Technology

How about having to hear your babies’ sounds only, just by yourself in a clear and secure transmission? The DECT 6.0 digital technology works by eliminating any background noise, transmits secure-encrypted signal and prevents any interference of the audio and video transmission.

c. Supports multiple cameras

The baby monitor comes along with a parent unit and two camera units. What’s more, the baby monitor supports up to four (4) cameras, giving you a clear view of your babies and the nursery from four different locations.

Worrying where to position the camera? Well, the camera features a wall-mount bracket to easily attach to the wall.

Note that you can purchase the additional cameras separately.

d. Talk-back communication

Soothe your baby to sleep from any room within your house with the 3-way talk-back intercom. In addition, the V-Tech features music capabilities up to 5 different preset melodies that can soothe your darlings to sleep.

e. Infrared night vision

You don’t have to interrupt your twins’ sleep at night as you check on them. With the aid of eight (8) infrared LEDs lights, you get to monitor your babies’ sleep at the comfort of your bed.

The LEDs lights automatically sense the lighting conditions, therefore, providing clear videos even in a dark room.

f. Long-range monitor

The baby monitor covers up to 1000 feet range so you never miss your babies’ smiles whether in another room or at the backyard.

g. Other features

Temperature sensor
6-level sound indicator.
Rechargeable battery


  • Affordable.
  • Great sound system
  • Long-range baby monitor.
  • Expandable system. Supports four cameras.
  • Not possible to control the monitor remotely.
  • Some users had issues with its lights; the green and red light can disturb the babies.

3. Babysense Video Baby Monitor- Best-budget.

If you are looking for a baby monitor that offers you all the great features of high-end monitors at a modest price, then consider the Babysense video baby monitor. With this monitor, you can keep an eye on your twinnies from different rooms with so much ease.

Let’s check out its main features:

a. Two-way talk-back communication

Maintain personal communication with your bundles of joy with the two-way talk-back system. With the system, you can soothe your babies to sleep with your own voice even from a distance.

Conversely, your twins can put themselves to sleep with the aid of soothing preset lullabies.

b. Auto infrared night vision

The baby monitor allows you to keep in contact with your baby even at night. The infrared light automatically detects dim light at night, consequently providing crystal-clear video so you can monitor your baby’s sleep.

c. High-quality sound and video transmission

What makes the babysense baby monitor stand out is the high-quality transmission of sound and videos.

Featuring a high-quality 2.4” LCD color display coupled with 2.4 GHz FHSS technology, you enjoy stable streaming, high definition videos and crystal clear sounds of your baby whether sleeping or playing.

d. Good quality range

With a long range baby monitor of up to 900 feet, you can keep in touch with your twins all day as you go about with your chores. An alert sound keeps you within range.

e. Other features:

Room temperature monitoring
Eco mode voice activation
Manual Pan and Tilt
Wall mounting options
Alarm/ Timer settings


  • User-friendly.
  • Supports multiple cameras.
  • Long-range transmission.
  • Quite affordable
  • Some users had issues with the poor performance of the camera when the monitor is on charge.

4. ANMEATE Video Baby Monitor

ANMEATE video monitor is another great baby monitor of all times packed with quite impressive features. It is one of the highly-rated monitors that would offer you peace of mind as you get connected with your darling babies all day, all night.

Main features:

a. High-quality display

With this baby monitor, you can rest assured that you will get every detail of your twins and their surroundings thanks to the 2.4-inch color LCD screen that offers comprehensive and clear streaming.

You can zoom the camera with a 2x magnification for a clear picture of your babies and their surroundings.

b. Two-way talk-back system

The monitor supports two-way talk-back communication so you can soothe your babies with own voice. In addition, it features 4 preset lullaby songs than can soothe them to sleep.

c. Long-range transmission.

ANMEATE baby monitor ensures that you never miss those precious moments when they smile while sleeping, when waking up etc. even as you go about with other duties.

The monitor covers up to 960 feet of transmission range so you can keep in touch with your baby in any corner of the house or even at the yard.

What’s more, the monitor gives you an alert whenever you are out-of-range.

d. Night- vision

The monitor features eight (8) infrared LED lights that automatically detect dim lights, consequently providing high contrast. So you can monitor your babies’ sleep with ease even at night.

e. Temperature monitoring

The ANMEATE baby monitor features room temperature sensor so you can monitor the nursery’s temperature. Thus, ensuring that your twins stay in a safe and comfortable environment at all times.

The monitor alerts you when the temperature rises or falls beyond the recommended range.

f. Other features:

Eco-mode power-saving mode
Long-lasting battery; the 950mAh battery lasts for up to 8 hours in eco mode.


  • Ease of installation and use.
  • Fairly priced for such an awesome baby monitor.
  • Compact.
  • Great video quality.
  • Great temperature monitoring.
  • Does not have good soothing lullabies.
  • Difficulties in moving the camera remotely.

5. DBPOWER Video Baby Monitor

DBPOWER baby video monitor features in our list as the best dual baby monitor. This monitor offers you the flexibility of monitoring up to four children in a private and secure transmission. The best baby monitor for twins or even quadruplets.

Let’s have a look at its amazing features.

a. Private and secure transmission

The DBPOWER baby monitor offers you peace of mind with its reliable 2.4GHz wireless transmission system that keeps you and your bundles of joy connected all day and night.

What’s more, the monitor features FHSS technology that securely locks transmission enhancing 100 percent digital privacy for your babies.

b. Great video monitoring system

The DBPOWER baby monitor offers you crystal-clear video transmission with its high resolution (640*480p) 4.3 inches color LCD screen.

The baby monitor supports up to four additional cameras allowing you to monitor up to four children in different rooms at your comfort zone. Also, the camera supports split screen baby monitor. Isn’t that great?

c. Digital video Recording

The DBPOWER baby monitor supports video recording. It features a sound-triggered DVR function that ensures you get to be part of each precious moments in your babies’ life.

Featuring 32GB micro SD card, you can manually record those breath-taking moments of your twins for future reference or better still share with your loved ones.

d. Alert system

DBPOWER baby monitor is packed with the audible and visual alert system. The advanced alert system notices you in case of temperature changes, out of range, low battery, and babies’ cry.

What I love most is the fact that the alert system is adjustable with a volume range of 0-6.

e. Two-way talk system

Maintain a personal connection with your baby with its two-way talkback system that features well-built microphone and speaker. The system lets you soothe your twins with your voice as you watch them.

The audio conversations are transmitted with a distance of up to 1000 feet without any obstructions.

f. Automatic night vision

The baby monitor features a light sensor that automatically detects lighting conditions, therefore, adjusting between day and night modes appropriately.

When in night mode, the monitor transmits clear images of your darling babies for up to 15 feet. Quite impressive!

g. Remote Pan-tilt-zoom

With this feature, you can remotely control the cameras with your monitor from any corner of your house for a better view of your twins’ activities. The pan-tilt-zoom system allows you to expand your vision of the nursery, giving you up to 95 percent view of the room.

h. Other features:

Comes along with a nightlight that soothes your baby to sleep at night.
Features lullabies that make the nursery lively when played.
Supports wall-mount.


  • Ease of installation and use.
  • Awesome video monitoring and recording system
  • Guarantees secure transmission
  • Supports multiple cameras in different rooms.
  • Some comments worry camera rotation

6. VAVA Video baby monitor

How about trying out this amazing modern baby monitor that offers you crisp images and smooth videos anywhere in your house. What’s more, with this camera you can monitor your babies in different rooms at the same.

So, what are some of its awesome features?

a. Great Audio and video monitoring

What I love most about the Vava baby monitor is its upgraded 5-inch wide color display with a 720p resolution thus producing crystal clear images.

With a 7 level sound volume and LED indicators, the Vava monitor ensures that you keep in tabs with your twins for even the tiniest movements.

In addition, you can have a closer and clear view of your babies and the nursery thanks to the 2x and 4x zoom feature.

b. Stable and long transmission range

Feel connected with your bundles of joy from anywhere within your house or even at the yard. The Vava baby monitor transmits stable signals from 450 ft. to 900 ft. ( in an open space).

Featuring 2.4GHz FHSS technology, you get to enjoy the stable wireless connection and smooth videos whether in the furthest corner of your room or outside the house.

c. Supports multiple cameras

With the Vava baby monitor, you enjoy a crystal clear view of every corner in your twins’ nursery or even monitor your babies from different rooms. This is attributed to the monitor’s ability to support up to four cameras.

Note that, you will need to buy the additional cameras separately.

d. Automatic Infrared Night Vision

This baby monitor ensures that you never miss a glimpse of those tiny movements, the soft breathing, the cries, etc. with its auto infrared night vision. The infrared detects the lighting conditions at night and responds by producing greyscale infrared images.

e. Room temperature monitoring

Featuring an external thermostat, you get to monitor the room temperature of your babies’ nursery. Therefore, ensuring that your bundles of joy safety and comfort all the time.

f. Other features:

Extended battery life (4500mAh).
Auto-pilot panoramic mode.



1. What Is A Baby Monitor?

A baby monitor is a 2-piece device that transmits sound and video to baby while she sleeps in her crib.

The best baby monitors today aren’t your mama’s baby monitoring devices! Many baby monitors can now be connected to the internet via an app or feature high-definition video. Basic audio monitors are now capable of DECT (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecoms) technology. This eliminates interference and lack of security caused by monitors operating in the 2.4 GHz frequency range. This technology will make you feel better if you have ever heard your neighbor chat through your baby monitor. DECT prevents baby monitor hackers, who can be super creepy, from spying on you and baby.

2. Different types of baby monitors

You have a variety of options to determine if your baby is safe and sound asleep.

The classic audio monitors (picture: a set walkie-talkies) allow you to hear but not see your baby.

You can also get video monitors that have cameras and screens, which allow you to see and hear your baby (which is, aside from being adorable, even more useful).

Some monitors have temperature gauges that let you know the temperature of your baby’s bedroom. You can also play lullabies and use a two-way communication feature to reassure your baby by speaking.

Some monitors have additional components that can track your baby’s heart beat, temperature, movement, and breathing. These monitors are also known as vitals monitoring monitors.

While many monitors transmit radio-frequency signals, others use Wi-Fi signal.

An app can connect Wi-Fi cameras to your smartphone so you can view the camera feed from anywhere and anytime.

3. Are You A Baby Monitor Required?

Although you don’t necessarily need one, these gadgets can give you the peace of mind that your baby is safe and sound even when you aren’t there.

One is most likely to be needed when your baby moves into their own bedroom or if they sleep in a different area from where you are during the day.

4. Are Baby Monitors Safe?

It’s normal to be a little wary about smart baby monitors, as with all internet-connected devices that listen to or watch your home. Hackers can monitor your Internet of Things devices (IoT). Any network device can be compromised. While you don’t need to be concerned about an epidemic of camera hacks, it is important to weigh the benefits of these devices against the possibility of someone gaining control of your feed.

You should update your baby monitor’s firmware regularly if you want it to work in conjunction with your router’s security features.

5. Are all baby monitors secure? Can Someone Listen In?

Parents are often concerned about this when buying a baby monitor. We mentioned that some monitors can be hacked, particularly if they are connected to your WiFi. These are some ways to protect the privacy of your family.

A digital baby monitor is better than an analog or WiFi-enabled monitor.

Update your baby monitor software if applicable

Make sure that your baby monitor’s WiFi connection is secured and password protected

Use the security settings of your baby monitor that allow you to set a password.

6. Are All Baby Monitors Wi-Fi Enabled?

There are many baby monitors available that use radio or a proprietary signal, or mobile networks like 3G, 4G, or 5G. A Wi-Fi unit, especially if there is good internet coverage, is the best choice.

They are only useful if the Wi-Fi signal strength is high and there are no obstructions like walls. This also depends on how many devices you have connected to your home network at the same time. These can slow down performance and clog up the network. For example, if you have four members of your family, you might consider a modem router/router that has a lot of bandwidth.

7. What Makes A Twin-Friendly Baby Monitor So Special?

The standard baby monitor usually comes with just one camera. If you have twins, it is a good idea to get a product with two cameras. This will allow you to monitor both your children simultaneously.

It might be fine to buy a product with a pivot to allow you to see both your children, but a product with dual cameras or the possibility of expanding to dual cameras will give you greater monitoring coverage. It is much easier to be able to see both your children simultaneously than to have to adjust a single camera continuously.

8. How to Secure Your Monitor

You can take a few steps to make sure your setup is secure. Hackers have previously accessed smart cameras and toys for children. Both your Wi-Fi network as well as any hardware (such cameras or monitors), should use strong passwords. Check their websites or apps to verify that the passwords are not common phrases, names, or personal words. A password manager can be used to generate and store secure passwords.

You should turn on two-factor authentication if the website or app for your baby monitor supports it. To sign in to accounts, two-factor requires that people use a code generated via an SMS or app. This verification method is a safer way to prevent people from accessing accounts they aren’t authorized to.

9. What Is the Monitor Twin Pack?

Monitor Twin Pack includes both the Smart Sock as well as the Cam. The Smart Sock tracks your baby’s heartbeat and oxygen levels while they sleep using pulse oximetry technology. The Base Station receives your baby’s readings and uses light and sound to keep you informed about their health. The Monitor Twin Pack provides the best picture of your baby’s safety by streaming HD video to your smartphone over a secure encrypted connection.

10. My Baby Monitor Should Be Placed Where It Is Safest?

Radiation emissions can cause your baby monitor, especially any radio-video camera, to be no closer than six feet from your baby. It should be in a place where it can clearly see baby and the microphone can pick up baby’s sounds.

This may require that the monitor be mounted on a wall or shelf. If you use the power cable, it must be out of reach for your child.

11. Is It Possible To Hack My Video Monitor?

If it’s a radio-monitoring device, probably not. You won’t be able to hear the transmission unless someone is nearby (e.g., a neighbor or a car parked in front of the door).

WiFi monitors can, however, be much more vulnerable. Most WiFi options today are password-encrypted and protected, making hacking much easier. However, you will need to do your research and take all the necessary steps to protect your Wifi Monitor.


  • It makes monitoring your baby easy.
  • Produces crystal clear images of your babies and the nursery(s)
  • Long battery to last 12 hours in display mode and 24 hours when not in display mode.
  • Stable wireless transmission for smooth videos.
  • Simple to setup.
  • Long transmission range (up to 900 feet in an open space).
  • You can monitor your babies in different rooms as it supports additional cameras.
  • A bit pricey. However, it is worth every coin.

You can view more on YOUTUBE VIDEO


Final Words

The best baby monitor for twins is one that offers you the flexibility to run other chores even as you keep a personal touch with your bundles of joy.

Such a monitor exhibit must-have features such as high-quality audio and video, long battery life, long-range transmission, multi-cam support, durability, infrared night vision, etc.

From our list of the best dual camera baby monitor for twins, you will find most if not all of the recommended monitor with Infant optics dxr-8 topping the list.

Choose one baby monitor for twins today and enjoy your peace of mind all day, all night.

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