Best Baby Trend Car Seats Reviews

10 Best Baby Trend Car Seats in 2021

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Baby Trend has distinguished itself among the world’s leading manufacturers of car seat products. Throughout their 26-year history, they have been at the forefront of new and innovative solutions that meet the ever-increasing demands of new parents. They strive to accomplish this feat by adhering to our goal of providing the safest and most reliable car seats at an affordable price. They continually adapt their products as the challenges facing families change and grow.

The best baby trend car seat reviews present a complete overview of all facets of car seats, including what’s great and not so great about them. We study several features of each product to get a closer look so you can save time and money while getting the best car seat for your baby.

In this car seat guide, we will explore some of the best Baby Trend car seats available on the market and are all perfect options for keeping your kids safe.


1. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System

If you are a mom who has a baby or toddler and love to workout, then the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System may be the stroller and car seat for you.

This travel system measures 34.5 x 21.5 x 22 inches and can support a child weighing up to 50 pounds. The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger is delivered with trays for the child and his parents as well as a covered storage making it practical for the morning races with the baby.

All you need is soap and water for easy cleaning, and you’re ready for any mess or workout you get started!

Designed for performance

The Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System is a high-end stroller designed for you, the baby and your workouts.

This three-wheeled jogging stroller is equipped with a swivel front wheel for jogging to maneuver on any surface when you run efficiently. It is durable enough to be pushed over rocks and ruts, allowing for smooth and effortless running.

Optimal security at any time of the day

This stroller and car seat are perfect for any time of the day, whether you run early in the morning or late at night, this stroller can stand the test.

It features energy absorbing EPS foam for side impact head protection and high quality seat pads. The canopy with sunroof ratchets keeps the sun and wind out so your baby can stay comfortable no matter how fast you run or the weather.

It has a 5-point safety harness that is easy to adjust with one hand.

  • The stroller is for a child from birth up to 50 lbs, maximum height is 42 “
  • The stroller has a padded reclining seat in several positions with a 5-point harness and a light steel frame
  • All terrain tires 16 “rear and 12” front, with front pivot and locking wheel for easy
  • Light and comfortable car seat
  • Fantastic Flex Loc installation with high safety standards
  • Lightweight jogging stroller with real running features
  • Easy folding and unfolding
  • Good extras, like a huge glass roof and lots of storage
  • Easy to install the car seat in the stroller and does not need an additional adapter
  • Car seat buckle and stroller buckles
  • The baby support pillow is not that great
  • Delta handle doesn’t like to move
  • It can be difficult to click in and out of the base due to the awkward placement of the release lever
  • Base takes muscle to get into the car safely


2. Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 Travel System

If you are still in motion, you need a set of strollers that will move as quickly and effortlessly as you. This stroller has three wheels for easy maneuvering when traveling on a variety of surfaces.

The Baby Trend Ride 5 travel system is also durable and safe with a five-point safety harness and a luxuriously padded seat with multiple recline positions. The dimensions are 23.62 x 34.65 x 42.13 and it weighs 36 pounds. It can accommodate a newborn up to a child of 30 pounds.

Ideal for new parents

This stroller was designed with new parents in mind with its ability to keep the baby safe, comfortable and effortless.

The Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 will make sure your baby is safe, and the base can be installed in your car when you need to transition from outdoor use to the car.

Beautifully designed

Baby Trend has outdone itself with the creation of the Baby Trend EZ Ride 5 stroller and car seat combo. Its high-quality material can withstand any type of weather and has superior padding for the best protection for your little one. It is very elegant while being mega safe.

  • 5 and 30 pounds and heights of 30 inches or less.
  • Large flexible head support for car seat or stroller
  • Multi-position reclining seat and height-adjustable handle
  • Cheap
  • Flex-Loc connection system makes it easy to install the car seat in the car and on the stroller
  • Multiple tilt positions
  • Fold of a hand
  • 5-point harness in car seat and stroller
  • Low quality
  • Difficult to manage
  • Reduced storage when the seat is reclined
  • Insufficient headrest for the newborn


3. Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller

Are you looking for a double strand stroller for your children? Customers who have twins or two children under the age of 3 love this Baby Trend upright double-seated stroller. It’s great when you’re walking kids or even when they’re using them as car seats. In addition, double stranded strollers help keep children safe. You do not have to worry about them falling and can easily transport children up to a few years old.

Easy to move

If you are looking for a double stroller that is very easy to transport, you will love this one. It is easy to fold and unfold. Once folded, it is compact and easy to store. There are also different driving positions for the baby and this double jogging stroller can also be used both as a front seat and as a rear seat.

Ideal for security

There is a five-point safety harness for the child restraint. The removable rear seat can be converted to a traditional seated and standing stroller.

  • Children will sit within the front and rear seats of this stroller or stand on the rear platform
  • The removable rear seat converts the stroller into traditional Sit N support. Accepts two infant car seats: …
  • One-hand folding is quick and easy to use, large storage basket. Front or rear seat, sitting straight …
  • It is robust and well constructed.
  • It is easy to push as well as to maneuver, including turning easily.
  • Both children have snack trays.
  • The basket can hold many things.
  • It has neutral colors and the two strollers are color coordinated.
  • The basket is difficult for larger personnel to enter or exit due to the rear bench footrest.
  • It is heavy compared to single strollers


4. Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 Travel System

The Baby Trend EZ Ride 35 travel system is always the preferred choice for new parents

This set is a combination of EZ Ride stroller and new Ally 35 car seat for babies. The stroller and infant car seat have 5-point safety harnesses for maximum safety and protection.

The travel system offers comfort and safety for your child and comfort for you. The stroller includes a padded seat with multiple recline positions, a parent’s tray covered with 2 deep cup holders, a height-adjustable handle and a peek-a-boo window on the canopy.

The rear-facing infant car seat can hold babies from 4 to 35 pounds and is designed with taller and deeper side wings with EPS foam for optimal protection against side impact. The base is installed with LATCH clips or a seat belt.

  • Stroller for children up to 50 lbs and up to 42
  • Double front wheels for superior handling
  • Large awning with peek-a-boo window and large storage basket
  • Height adjustable handle and covered parent tray are perfect for mom and dad
  • Pop-up kid tray with snack / cup holder
  • The stroller folds easily with one hand for travel and storage.
  • The triangle-shaped handle on the handle is easy to hold in a wider variety of ways, which is convenient.
  • Lots of storage and useful features.
  • Great price for a complete set.
  • Other reviews that the base of the car seat is loose (towards the knee / leg area of the seat base

This brand is baby trend infant car seat, it is suitable for each stage of child development and minimizes future costs for parents.


5. Baby Trend Nexton Travel System

Are you looking for a double strand stroller for your children? Customers who have twins or two children under the age of 3 love this Baby Trend upright stroller. It’s great when you’re walking children or even when they’re using them as car seats. In addition, double-stranded strollers help keep children safe. You do not have to worry about them falling and can easily transport children up to a few years old.

Ideal for new parents

Baby Trend Nexton travel system, coral flower reviews The Baby Trend Nexton travel system is an incredible and fabulous stroller. This stroller comes with many features that all parents could look for. Here in this stroller there is a Flex-Loc infant car seat and what is doable when you have to travel long distances. It offers parents the possibility of bringing the stroller where they want easily. Especially when parents have to take long walks, so they have the best feature which is the covered parent tray. In this tray, parents can easily place two cups easily.

Safety for babies

Baby Trend Nexton Travel System, Coral Floral Reviews also reveals that it is an amazing product from the Baby Trend brand. Here in this stroller there is a soft head which is not difficult to carry and parents can hold it easily. He has a high chair for babies so they can even find it better when they are older. The Baby Trend Nexton, Coral Floral travel system can stay with you for a long time. The safety reviews of this stroller are also the best. He has the best access to respond to different situations. You can easily close it with a simple movement.

  • Infants and their younger siblings who can sit and stand during the ride.
  • It is designed for children weighing up to 50 pounds each.
  • It is designed specifically with the amount of things you need to keep baby stuff in mind. This in addition to having a covered compartment for storing cell phones and parents’ keys.
  • It has a covered parent tray which can easily hold two cups.
  • It has an infant car seat with the base.
  • It’s the one-hand foldable stroller, which means it can be folded quickly and effortlessly.
  • It has a large flexible head thanks to which it is easier to transport where parents want it.
  • There is no support for the baby’s head.
  • It is sometimes difficult to adjust the base. Most new parents suffer from this problem.


6. Baby Trend Cityscape Jogger Travel System

Running with your baby has become much easier with the Baby Trend Cityscape Jogger travel system. This model is equipped with bicycle wheels to walk with you when you run on the surface of your choice.

It is easy to fold for storage and therefore you have no extra weight. It measures 49 x 21.5 x 43 inches and 37 pounds. This stroller and car seat can accommodate children from four to 30 pounds.

Jog anytime of the day with footrest reflectors that will show that you and your baby are there.

Easily convertible

This model is versatile and transforms into everything you need, from the jogger to the car seat. If you’re not jogging, simply lock the 12-inch front swivel wheel for low-speed action and unlock it when you need to reign freely.

When you unlock the base, you have a fully functional car seat that you can place in your vehicle.


The price of this jogger is profitable for most parents who are in the market of buying a new stroller and car seat combo.

  • Extra large awning
  • Superior head protection
  • Four tilt positions
  • Simple seat installation
  • Easy to install
  • Poor execution.
  • Big size
  • Non-adjustable options


7. Baby Trend Skyline 35 Travel System

The Baby Trend Skyline 35 Travel System is an FAA approved stroller that looks good and is easy to assemble.

It has a head support for the baby to prevent his head from sagging and to keep him comfortable. It measures 38.5 x 24 x 42.12 inches and weighs 38.5 pounds. Even so, it can carry a child who weighs up to 35 pounds.


This car seat is available in a range of colors and functional for everyday use. It has a removable child tray that can hold two drinks and snacks while the baby can be covered under the 2-panel canopy.

The canopy also has mesh side windows so you can see your baby and your baby can see the beautiful world around him.

Easy assembly

This model is so easy to assemble. It takes no time and makes the stroller even more convenient to use when you need to put it in a car.

You’ll get instructions on how to assemble the car seat to make sure it’s safe to use, but it won’t be rocket science at all.

  • Height-adjustable handle with easy one-hand folding
  • 3-wheel design with swivel front wheels and lockable rear wheels
  • The child tray accepts Baby Trend baby car seats.
  • The colors and designs are very pretty.
  • The handles are padded and comfortable.
  • The car seat has a built-in level for easy installation in the car as well as on the strolle
  • Cover on the car seat and the stroller meet / overlap for great protection against the sun and rain.
  • Large storage.
  • The stroller can collapse with one hand and when fully collapsed it is thin enough to pass through the airport X-ray conveyor.
  • It is an overall wavy stroller, the handle flickers, the wheels flicker and it’s rocky.
  • It is certainly NOT SUITABLE for jogging.


8. Baby Trend Go Lite Snap Tech Sprout

The Baby Trend Go Lite Snap Fit Sprout push travel system is perfect for all parents who don’t like to carry a lot of luggage while handling their child.

This lightweight stroller measures 39 x 25.75 x 47 inches and weighs only 41.92 pounds. It is capable of accommodating a child of five to 35 pounds. You can use this toddler stroller at toddler stages without missing a beat.


If you like to personalize things, this is the perfect car seat and stroller for you. It comes in three different modes to allow you to make your child sit facing one of the parents,

facing the road and trolley mode. It also comes with swivel front wheels and one-touch rear brakes to give you better control of the stroller.

Incredible storage

This Snap Fit Baby Trend Go Lite stroller and car seat provides the perfect space for all of your baby’s needs. It includes an extra large storage basket for storing your belongings when traveling in and out of the city.

Not only does it have plenty of space, but it also comes with a 5-point adjustable safety harness and an extendable awning with a zippered mesh panel.

  • Full-size 3-in-1 stroller made of light aluminum: to be used as a baby carrier, in …
  • Reversible stroller seat allows baby to ride facing parents or facing the road
  • Extendable awning with zippered mesh panel, peek-a-boo window and sun visor
  • Extra large awning
  • Superior head protection
  • Four tilt positions
  • Simple seat installation
  • Easy to install
  • Poor execution.
  • Big size
  • Non-adjustable options


9.  Baby Trend ESPY 35 Travel System Jogger

If you want a supplement (more sophisticated, ease of use in 6 modes, easy and flexible maneuver) of Baby Trend, then the ESPY 35 travel system of Baby Trend will be the perfect choice for you. It is fashionable for its swivel wheels, convenient steering, one-hand operation and excellent ventilation. In addition, its construction is strong enough that you can think of using it for years for your second and third child.

Enjoy the views with the Baby Trend travel system. The stroller looks great without compromising comfort and safety. The promenade is transformed into six modes of use. It can be used as a car seat support for babies, reclining in trolley mode or as a toddler stroller facing parents and facing forward for optimal versatility. The stroller has an adjustable handle, a suspension for a smooth ride, a large storage basket and lockable front wheels. For maximum safety and comfort, the seat has a 5-point safety harness and a reclining backrest in several positions.

  • Adjustable sun protection awning with a large peek-a-boo window
  • Multiple locations tilting the appropriate seat
  • 5-point safety harness and comfortably padded covers
  • Infant / Infant Car Seat, 4-35 lbs
  • LATCH and UAS equipped
  • Easy to push and steer
  • It has a large ratchet canopy
  • Super deluxe and reversible car seat.
  • Height adjustable base
  • Compact design.
  • Flat tires for a smooth ride.
  • 6-position belt in the groin area
  • Super comfortable car seat
  • Bad warranty. Only 180 days.
  • Large wheelbase.

How to choose the best budget car seat for your family is always a question many parents have to think, so we, if you want to choose a quality product with a good price guarantee.


10. Baby Trend Skyview Travel System

Rated as one of Amazon’s choices, the Baby Trend Skyview Travel System is a great choice for all parents who want a reliable but stylish stroller and car seat.

This duo measures 38.5 x 24 x 42.12 inches and 38.5 pounds. It comes with practical features such as the large canopy which has a peek-a-boo window so you can always see the baby.

Baby Trend has not only thought of keeping your child comfortable, but they have also kept you in mind with the luxury parent tray.

It has 2 deep cup holders and a covered storage compartment, including the height-adjustable handle that will accommodate parents small to large.

Durable and safe

This model comes with the classic five-point safety harness to ensure the baby is properly placed in the seat.

It is made of hard-wearing material and comes with two reasonably adjusted rear brakes and a one-hand folding mechanism. It can hold a child up to 30 pounds, so you won’t have to replace it for a while.

Long duration

The Baby Trend Skyview Travel System is a stroller that has longevity. You and your child will be able to use this car seat from infancy to infancy.

It is designed to grow like your child and store all its needs as your child does.

  • The infant car seat can hold between 5 and 30 pounds and heights of 30 inches or less.
  • 3-panel awning. Flexible locking connectors and integrated connector storage
  • It is easy to fold and unfold.
  • Not too heavy for me to get baby in and out of the car.
  • The motif is charming.
  • The handles are adjustable for your size and comfort
  • The additional security of the base is excellent!
  • The buckle to hold baby in the seat, it locks so that it cannot be clicked without the other
  • Unlock button is hard to reach
  • The cup holders for parents are way too small


Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Baby Trand Car seat

1. Safety

Safety is our top concern.

Safety should always be your top priority, whether it’s for booster seats or infant car seats.

You should ensure that your car seats have been crash-tested and have important features like side protection. As you can see, all the car seats in our reviews have side protection. This ensures that your mind is free from any worries.

You should also be aware of whether your car seat meets the Safety Standards. While many car seats meet and exceed the safety standards, how much information do you get from them? It’s not much, right? This is where exceeding safety standards can be a lot more reassuring.

2. Background Check

After you have finished reading our reviews, let us take a moment to reflect on Baby Trend. It’s been in the market for more than 30 years and has won the trust of many parents to provide the best possible care for their child.

The brand is committed to meeting the safety, comfort, and installation requirements of parents. They aim to make the best car seats, strollers and other child gear.

Did I mention that Baby Trend is my favorite part?

These products are extremely affordable for their quality. For parents with children, any purchase is a bargain.

Their car seats have been ranked first in safety, price, and usage over the years.

This brand is sure to become a favorite for baby accessories because of its innovative designs and models. You can find unique items for every age to assist you in your joyful, but challenging journey.

3. Stroller compatibility

It is possible to attach infant car seats to many strollers and stroller frames. A travel system is a stroller and car seats that are combined. If you have a car seat that you love more than your stroller, make sure to check if an adapter is available.

4. Convenience

There are many car seats that come with a travel combo: the stroller and the seat. This is a great choice if you want something you can take with you wherever you go.

5. Hype about the Travel System

It is easy to see that travel systems are taking over the world.

You can see our reviews of two popular car seat and stroller duos. The Baby Trend travel systems offer the same compatibility and convenience of other brands such as Britax or Graco.

The Baby Trend stroller has larger wheels which ensure that your child’s ride is smoother on all terrains. Some models come with a lock-in feature that allows them to be used for jogging.

The stroller’s adjustable handle system allows you to adjust it to your preference and gives you a secure hold. Many strollers have two tray options: one for the child in front and one for their parents in the back.

6. Durability

Car seats are an important investment. Car seats should be durable and safe for your valuable cargo.

To simplify your life, choose a lightweight and high-quality car seat. You want the car seat to last for your child. Parents don’t want to have to purchase more than one type of car seat in case the first one fails.

7. Pricing

It is not practical to spend more for car seats with additional features. It is often possible to find a car seat that is less expensive and has fewer features.

The car seat will meet or exceed these standards, so parents don’t have to focus solely on the price. A higher price does not necessarily indicate a safer or better car seat.



1. Are Baby Trend car seats safe for use?

Yes! Both infants and toddlers can use Baby Trend seats.

To minimize injuries, the brand follows all safety regulations and rigorously tests its products.

Baby Trend car seats are subject to rigorous testing to ensure that only the best products reach you.

2. What are the best times to use an infant car seat?

An infant car seat is an rear-facing seat designed to offer the best car ride for your precious cargo.

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends that infants be placed in a rear-facing car seat until they reach the maximum height and weight. These limits usually range from 32 inches to 30 to 35 pounds.

It’s best to keep your child rear-facing for as long as you can, even if they touch the seat.

Trusted Source: Most children will be able to change to a front-facing seat by age 2 or 4.

3. Is it safe to use a second-hand car seat?

It’s generally not a good idea for your child to use a second-hand car seats to protect them. The best protection for your child is provided by new seats that have been tested for their resilience to the impact of a collision. Even though they may look unaffected from the outside, used car seats can be structurally weakened from repeated use. It’s worth spending on a quality new seat.

4. How long can my baby be rear-facing in a car chair?

Rear-facing car seats should not be used for babies. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends parents keep their children in rear-facing car seats until they are no longer able to fit in their seats. This is usually around 4 years for most children.

Rear-facing car seats are proven to be safer for children in an accident. Whatever car seat you choose to use, make sure you read the instructions carefully to determine the maximum weight and height limits.

5. Can an infant car seat be used on a flight?

The FAA recommends using a car seat for children under two years old. However, you don’t have to use a safety seat in an airplane. Your newborn car seat can be used on an airplane as long as it has been certified by the FAA for use on aircrafts. You can find a list FAA-approved car seats that you can use on an aircraft.

You can view more on YOUTUBE VIDEO


If you have an older car make sure to have a licensed technician install an anchor bolt for the tether strap of the infant travel seat. These need to be installed correctly otherwise they my not hold the seat in place during an accident. Newer vehicles have anchor points built into the vehicle you just need to locate the appropriate one to use.

There are a number of other features for child seat restraint in newer vehicles, Please read the vehicle owners manual to see which features are available in your vehicle. Always buy a seat that has a stamp of approval from a government or other safety rating authority. The well-being of your new baby may depend on it.

With the above sharing about baby trend car seat, we hope that you will choose for yourself products that fit your family’s standards. We also hope that your comments and suggestions will help us to improve our strengths and weaknesses.

In addition, if you are passionate about walking, running, cycling and skiing with kids, we have many suggestions about Best jogging stroller travel system for you. If you are about to buy double jogger stroller, you can read here.

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