Our 2022 List Of The Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUPs)

Our 2022 List Of The Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards (iSUPs)

How much does a paddle board cost?

Do you want to dive your feet in the paddle board waters without spending a fortune? I have good news. You can buy a good inflatable paddle board for much less than you think. In fact, you can buy a decent paddle board for less than $ 500.

These are first-rate full-size paddle boards that are perfect for all-around paddle boarding. Chosen for durability and quality in their price range If you are looking for a board for your family or just want to get started in sports, these boards are a good option. The best cheap inflatable paddle boards is here.


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What is the difference between a cheap board and a more expensive SUP.

Can you buy a decent paddle board for less than $ 500? It depends on what you call decent. I can only recommend a few cheap paddle boards.

And these recommendations are accompanied by some advice. “You get what you pay for”

I understand that a cheap paddle board is all that some buyers can afford. But my goal is to direct you to a paddle board that you will like.

Therefore, price is not the only factor, if you can buy a more expensive board, do not buy a cheap board. You will be happier with a more expensive board.It will last longer and operate more efficiently.

What you get with a cheap paddle board

  • Cheaper materials
  • Cheaper accessories
  • Less performance and durability

Materials, performance and durability

Cheap iSUPs will have a layer of PVC. In addition, the dropping point core will not be of good quality. And the construction methods are the cheapest possible to reduce costs. A paddle board that cost less than $ 500 had to cut corners to keep the price down. These cheaper materials and construction methods will have a negative influence on the performance and durability of an inflatable paddle board.

Inflatable paddle boards require as much stiffness as possible. All the best iSUPs are very rigid. A cheap inflatable paddle board will have more flexibility in the water. Flex reduces performance in all areas.

It is this flex that makes a cheap paddle board slow and slow.

The good news is that lighter boards are naturally easier to transport. And they tend to maneuver faster.

However, when a paddle board is too light, it stays high on the water and loses some stability.


The pump and the paddle are an integral part of a paddle board. It amazes me when a brand of paddle board will include an cheap hand pump with its board.

An cheap pump will make it more difficult to inflate your board and will negatively affect the experience before you go into the water. Cheap paddle board packages usually have low quality hand pumps and paddles.

I’m not trying to discourage you. Instead, I want you to be happy with your first paddle board. For a few hundred dollars more, you can buy a better board.

List Of The Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards

1. SereneLife Inflatable

A cheap inflatable paddle board designed for children and beginners, the SereneLife 10 ′ SUP is a basic entry-level model that includes all the accessories you need to get into the water.

SereneLife 10 ′ SUP: Board Overview

Measuring 10 ′ x 30 ″ x 6 ″ and weighing 30 pounds, the SereneLife 10 ′ iSUP has a total load capacity of 275 pounds and is narrower in width than most versatile SUPs on the market.

For children and adolescents, this should not be a major problem, but for heavier paddlers, this could be a problem. In addition, it is not advisable to paddle with two people on the board unless they are both small.


The SereneLife 10 ‘inflatable SUP was constructed of durable PVC with an added corrosion resistant layer. The durability of this board is acceptable, but compared to the more expensive inflatable SUPs on the market, the build quality is somewhat lacking in terms of overall quality.


The first thing you will notice on top of the board is a two-color non-slip deck cushion designed to be comfortable and provide excellent traction.

The nose is fairly basic, with simple elastic straps to attach the equipment. Since many SUPs on the market now have an elastic rope system with 6 D-rings, it seems a bit small. In addition, the fact that the board does not have a carrying handle on the nose makes things much less practical when you slide your board along the beach or in and out of the water.

Turning to the tail, the SereneLife 10 ‘includes a Halkey Roberts valve and a D-ring to attach the included SUP safety leash.

The underside of the board has a system with 3 fins (2 small fixed fins and a large removable central fin). It helps enormously when it comes to tracking performance.

  • The bundle includes absolutely everything you need!
  • Very light
  • Very thick for more stability
  • 3 fins for excellent tracking
  • Carrying handle
  • Great value
  • Bungee Area Small
  • Weak fin attachment
  • May be too narrow for some

2. Roc W Free Premium SUP

An iSUP can easily make up for a lot of the fun you might have missed. These inflatable paddle boards are simply a great invention for having a good time with friends and family everywhere with water.

In this review, we will present the RoC inflatable stand up paddle board which is a fully equipped iSUP with very nice dimensions and functionalities.

Roc W Free Premium SUP: Board Overview

Review of the 10’5 “RoC stand up paddle inflatable board, which measures 10 feet 5 inches long, which I always find very practical for almost all hikes of different sizes.

When it comes to thickness, the ROC has kept up the good work and made this 6 inch thick board that I’m sure you already know is the best number a company can produce for this type from iSUP.


Due to its military grade PVC material, it is very sturdy and durable, while being lightweight. Once deflated, it is fairly easy to transport, which gives it extra convenience.


I like to start this section with what is most attractive to the eyes; So:

The general shape of the ROC clearly indicates that it is a versatile iSUP, ideal for hiking, recreational boating, yoga, as it can even take waves for fun. The round nose of this board makes it easy to navigate in different water conditions; however, still water will certainly bring out its best performance.

Then there is the thick and rough diamond grooved EVA traction cushion which is supposed to add to the thickness and stiffness of the board as it also works as a soft padded area for your feet / knees / body to be protected against skidding and also comfortable. This cushion covers almost two thirds of the back of the board, which is enough for an adult to lie down on.

Then we have the elastic system which consists of 6 stainless steel D-rings which are connected with an elastic cord on the deck of the board. These are perfect for anyone who likes to paddle with everything they need attached to the board with them. In addition, there is a seventh D-ring on the tail of the board to attach a safety leash.

In the center of the board, you will find a rigid carrying handle which will make it easier for you to transport the fully inflated board. With this handle, you can balance the iSUP with one hand and easily walk around.
Now something that adds to the performance of the map if the navigation system. The ROC is presented with three fins which are well designed to improve stability and navigation performance in order to make this iSUP as versatile as possible.

These are all the main features that you will find on the ROC iSUP and they are considered the standard for all quality iSUPs without exception. This board lacks nothing to be an excellent travel companion that will make water time better.

  • The ROC is delivered in a complete packaging with a waterproof bag
  • It has a one year warranty
  • It is really difficult with very well built
  • It is made of a virtually indestructible material
  • It can take up to 350 lbs
  • It can be used in different water conditions
  • It’s economical
  • Not the best hand pump
  • If you are not careful when closing and packing the bag, it can tear

3. Atoll 11′ Foot 

Atoll 11′ Foot: Board Overview

Measuring 11 ′ x 32 ″ x 6 ″ and weighing only 19 pounds, the Atoll 11 ′ iSUP is a light board that offers great stability in water. It’s a solid choice for novice paddlers as well as more experienced paddlers, and the tapered shape of the board helps it wind and cut well. This board is also extremely versatile and can be used for a wide variety of activities such as canoeing in calm waters, SUP fitness, fishing, overnight camping expeditions and more.


This iSUP is extremely lightweight at only 19 pounds, and the high-quality drop stitch core and dual-layer military grade PVC contribute to the board’s excellent overall durability and stiffness.


Although Atoll has made some updates to its iSUP package for 2019, the basic design of the card remains unchanged this season …

The upper deck of the Atoll 11 ′ SUP has a nice two-color EVA foam traction cushion bearing the Atoll logo. There is also a durable nylon strap carrying handle located in the middle of the board which is covered with a soft neoprene handle, and on the sides of the deck cushion are 8 stainless steel D-rings to attach a kayak seat, attach equipment, or secure a cooler.

Previously, there was a grab handle at the nose of the board, but it was eliminated last year. At the front of the board are 6 additional D-rings and an oversized storage net for elastic rope to secure your belongings. With a total of 15 D-rings on this card, we like the fact that there are many options for attaching or storing equipment.

On the other hand, the Atoll 11 ‘SUP has a configuration of 2 + 1 fins with a large removable central fin and two small lateral fins which are permanently fixed. We love the fact that Atoll used a high quality universal fin box on the board – this adds versatility as you can swap the fins.

On the water, the Atoll 11 ‘inflatable SUP is great fun. The board slides and follows well, and the sharp nose helps it get through rough conditions. This iSUP also feels very stable in the water, and it’s a great choice for paddling around your dog or small children.

  • Very balanced and well constructed.
  • Large hand pump that easily inflates the SUP
  • Very easy to carry
  • The Atoll inflatables are of high quality and durable.
  • Glides really well in still water
  • Easy to travel with in the large bag
  • Stability is quite comparable to traditional fiberglass panels
  • Very rigid when pumped at 15 psi.
  • Hand pump
  • Lazy in fast-moving water
  • Monitoring is compromised by strong currents and rough waters

4. Peak 10’6 All Around

Today, the inflatable SUP market has become quite crowded as more and more companies jump into this growing segment of the sport. Due to the sheer number of options available to paddlers, it is more important than ever to do your research before making a purchase. In this review, we are going to review the construction and build quality of the SUP PEAK All Around, features, specifications, included accessories, warranty coverage and we had to buy it.

PEAK 10’6 ″ SUP: Board Overview

Measuring 10’6 ″ x 31 ″ x 6 ″ with a weight of 23 pounds, the PEAK 10’6 ″ All Around iSUP feels very rigid underfoot and offers a fairly stable ride, although at 31 ″, this board obviously can’t compete with wider planks like the 35 inch wide BLACKFIN Model X in terms of overall stability. While the PEAK 10’6 ″ offers good versatility, those who are just starting out and need maximum stability could opt for a wider design.


The PEAK Paddle Board range has always focused on providing affordable and durable inflatable SUPs, incorporating military grade PVC materials and durable drop point technology. Unfortunately, ISLE (the company behind the affordable PEAK SUP range) seems to have recently encountered significant manufacturing issues, as a large number of people have reported sewing leaks and breakouts on new PEAK models – even on all of them.


The upper deck of the PEAK SUP All Around includes a comfortable diamond grooved traction cushion that provides excellent grip and is easy to hold for long periods of time.

Just like the new PEAK Titan and 11 ′ Expedition, the nose of this board has an elastic 6-point storage system, giving you a super convenient place to secure your things when you’re on the water. Nowadays, many versatile models include a 4-point bungee jumping system, which means that the PEAK All Around board offers a little extra space for storing equipment. There is also a grip handle on the nose, which allows you to easily pull the board in and out of the water.

The tail of the 10’6 ″ SUP PEAK has a single Halkey Roberts valve which works perfectly with the included high pressure pump. The tail also includes a stainless steel D-ring, ideal for attaching the included safety leash.

The underside has a single removable fin, and we would really like to see two side fins added in the future to improve tracking performance.

  • Design suitable for beginners
  • Convenient nose storage space
  • The included fin is easy to install and remove
  • Very compact and easy to carry
  • Two handles to transport / slide the board
  • Excellent level of build quality and durability
  • Includes many accessories
  • Comes with a waterproof phone case as a gift
  • No rear bungee cords
  • No side fins

5. Tower Inflatable 9’10”

I’m really excited to try new boards. They’re all a little different and it’s a lot of fun to test and compare.

So when I was lucky enough to get one to test, I couldn’t wait to get it out on the water before I could post a review.

My first impressions were good. This board is affordable, sturdy and paddles quite well since it is quite short and wide.

Although a shorter board is not always ideal for hiking or canoeing on the lake, the very large removable central fin really helps it follow in a straight line and slide smoothly.

Tower Inflatable 9’10”: Board Overview

At 9 ’10” long, It is extremely compact and suitable to carry anywhere. There isn’t a lot of extra space on this board, but I found it sufficient for my little dog and myself and I could handle a ton of weight without any flex.

The thickness of 6 ”and the width of 32” make it very stable. I felt completely at ease even with my little dog who was moving.

The thickness of 6 inches also means that your feet stay well above the water, which is good if the water is cold.

If you are looking for a faster touring SUP, Tower has another model called Xplorer which is longer and more elegant and better suited for touring and speed.


This inflatable paddle board is built with long term durability in mind and constructed from military grade PVC material and secured with a set of drop points. This very durable material is ideal for protecting against cracks or planks.


Fantastic iSUP, the Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer is as solid as a rock and includes many interesting features, including:

When the tower SUP is fully inflated, it is very rigid and very much like a traditional hard board. It has a weight limit of around 350 lbs, which means it is ideal for single use or in tandem. This card is generally ready to use at 10 PSI (but can be inflated up to 15 PSI).

The lightweight construction of this iSUP makes it a pleasure to transport or store safely during storage periods. Many inflatable boards are no bigger than a rolled up sleeping bag.

This tower SUP is a complete set and includes the inflatable board, the fully adjustable paddle and the pump.

If you really want to know what other paddle boarders are saying about the 9’10 “Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer, why not take a look at the following pros and cons that come from real customer feedback:

  • Compact and easy to transport
  • Very rigid
  • Inflates quickly
  • Comfortable traction cushion for standing
  • 3 fins – a large removable fin for paddling in flat water and 2 small attached side fins
  • Affordable
  • Super handy
  • Extremely stable; 6 “thick is great
  • No carrying bag
  • No elastic ropes or D-rings to attach the equipment

6. Pathfinder Inflatable SUP

Pathfinder Inflatable SUP is an entry-level board designed for versatility and beginners. This versatile iSUP offers affordable fun and great portability.

With the large number of versatile models currently flooding the inflatable paddle board market, it is important to do your research in order to find the board that suits you best. In this Pathfinder SUP review, we will take a closer look at the specs, build, warranty, features, included accessories, and where to buy it.

Pathfinder Inflatable SUP: Board Overview

Measuring 9’9 ″ x 30 ″ x 5 ″ with a weight of 24.5 pounds, the Pathfinder iSUP 9’9 ″ is capable of supporting up to 240 pounds. This model is a good choice for small individuals such as children or adolescents, while larger and heavier paddlers can struggle with this SUP in terms of overall stability.

As for appearance, this card has a fairly minimalist design, with a choice of blue / white or orange / white colors.


Pathfinder Inflatable SUP is constructed of durable PVC and reinforced with multi-layer drop point technology. The advantage of using a process like this is that the iSUP ends up feeling and functioning like a rigid board, but it is not sensitive to knocks and cracks.


The top of the Pathfinder SUP includes a convenient carrying handle in the middle of the board, as well as a comfortable deck cushion that provides good traction.

The nose of the board includes a 4-point elastic storage area that blends perfectly with the design of the board and can be used to store your bag or backpack, flip flops, crocs or water bottle. One thing missing from this board is a grab handle that helps pull your board in and out of the water.

Going to the tail of the Pathfinder SUP, you will find a Halkey Roberts type inflation valve which works well with the included high pressure pump. This board is also compatible with a large number of electric vane pumps, and there is also another D-ring at the tail to attach a safety leash.

We note that the underside of the board is missing because it only consists of a single central fin. Keep in mind that this board is primarily designed for beginners and occasional paddlers, and the tracking performance is not excellent.

  • Amazing price – less than $ 400
  • Large package
  • Very good board for beginners
  • Quickly and easily inflates
  • Comfortable deck
  • Good storage with a 2-way elastic
  • Folds well in the bag
  • One year limited warranty on materials and workmanship
  • No leash included
  • Pallet only floats for a few seconds
  • Weight capacity is low
  • Follow-up is a bit lacking

7. Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana

The Bestway Oceana Tech is competing in a dense category in the hope of attracting a wide range of potential customers: beginners.

So, does he have what it takes to direct the flow of inflatable SUP boards competing for the same title? Let’s find out.

Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana: Board Overview

In terms of length, the hand board measures exactly 10 feet, which is equivalent to 3 meters. As a result, you can already imagine all the activities and the type of movement that you can perform on this board.

In terms of thickness, the Oceana Tech opts for a 6 inch safe, the equivalent of 15 centimeters. In fact, this plank is so thick that it is practically impossible to withstand a bending movement which cannot be said about thinner planks. In addition, since it is much thicker, it is able to support up to 287 pounds or 130 kg, which is enough for you and your pet / toddler.


As a result, these panels are made from resilient industrial grade PVC which is both flexible and impressive in durability. Indeed, this type of layers will withstand shocks, scratches and harsh environments without suffering damage.


Features might not be an issue for most people looking for a fun inflatable paddle board. However, for those of you looking for a serious investment that you will use often, you should probably keep an eye out for what Oceana technology has to offer.

First of all, since it is mainly developed for yoga enthusiasts, it was planned to see a top quality non-slip cushion, covering most of its surface.

Indeed, this board has one of the best quality EVA deck pads, both soft and grippy to comfortably go through your entire yoga routine.

In addition, this board has a nifty little securing system on the nose area where you can store all your personal belongings / accessories or simply put away your paddle once you have reached a place where you are comfortable. .

If you are concerned about the size of this board, you should feel relief once you learn that it comes with a few handles, one of which is in the center of the platform so you can carry it all individually comfortable.

Last but not least, the Bestway Hydro-Force Oceana Tech comes with a three-fin navigation system designed to improve both straight line tracking and responsiveness. Therefore, once left in the know, the board will stay in a straight line but it will also respond quickly to your navigation when pointed in a certain direction.

  • The Bestway Hydro-force Oceana is an excellent entry-level iSUP
  • It is presented with a nice EVA deck cushion.
  • Its price is reasonable.
  • It’s fairly stable.
  • It is ideal for yoga lovers.
  • This iSUP does not come with a pallet.

8. FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light

The FunWater 10’6 inflatable SUP is an ultra light medium quality toddler (17.6 lb) designed for cruising mainly in flat waters and is suitable for lighter and heavier paddlers because its maximum weight capacity is of 330 pounds.

Before you start, it’s important to remember that this is a versatile SUP board, which means it will likely appeal to those of you looking for an entry level board.

So if you are looking for an upgrade, this board is certainly not the ideal solution.

FunWater Inflatable Ultra-Light: Board Overview

The FunWater Inflatable measures 10 feet 6 inches in length which happens to be around the universal length for entry level boards. It has a maximum weight capacity of 330 pounds, weighs 17.6 pounds and comes with everything you need to go on the water.

The FunWater Inflatable 10’6 iSUP is ideal for medium paddlers but does not exclude larger paddlers looking for stability. The package includes everything you need to get into the water

If you are about to find out if a cheaper iSUP is worth it, as long as you feel good with mainly stability for cruising, yoga or fishing, as there is certainly good customer support with it- here, I don’t really see a problem here.


As for its construction, the main material used in this paddle board is a newly designed type of PVC with two layers. This seems to contribute significantly to its very light overall weight. That said, according to all reports and looking at the many reviews available, it is still very durable.


While it may not be the most attractive in terms of design, the grip cushion on this paddle board is undeniably reliable. Indeed, there is one feature that you cannot ignore and it is the non-slip pad because it not only gives you a firmer grip on the board, it also helps you to navigate it easily.

Another feature we often talk about is the handy cargo net. in fact, a cargo net is almost essential on any inflatable paddle board as it can be used in many ways. Obviously, the best use of this feature is to store personal items that you are not comfortable leaving at a distance, but it can also be used to store your paddle or fishing rod if you are looking to fishing. 

For even more convenience, the hand board comes with a nifty central carrying handle that will help you carry the board individually when inflated. While this may not seem like a big deal, it will certainly prove to be very necessary in a situation where there is no one to help you carry the 10’6 “board. 

If the 6 D-rings on the front are not enough, you can always use the larger ring on the tail of the board for various purposes. In fact, the tail ring is intended for fixing the safety leash.

  • It is presented with an excellent EVA deck cushion.
  • It’s ultra light.
  • It comes in an all inclusive package.
  • It is an economical inflatable SUP board.
  • Ideal for all skill levels
  • Warranty conditions are good
  • The pump is not durable
  • Design and appearance are not the most attractive
  • The card case is not fully water resistant

9. Retrospec Weekender 10′

Based on its appearance, this board is rounder than the others.

The shape allows those who stick to it to remain easily balanced, safe and sound.

It is also ideal for those who like to do yoga on the board, as the board is less likely to turn.

Retrospec Weekender 10′: Board Overview

Retrospec Weekender 10 ′ iSUP measures: 10 ’x 30 ″ x 6 ″ (length x width x thickness). The maximum weight capacity is 275 pounds, the board itself weighs 29 pounds and the package comes with everything you need to go on the water (except the ankle leash).


Retrospec Weekender 10 ′ SUP is inflatable. It’s filled with air, that’s what it means. But don’t worry, it’s not an easily popping balloon. It is usually these inflatable structures instead of hard planks that are used in whitewater river driving, and which should give an idea of the strength of the inflatable structures. There are demonstrations of people riding their air-filled boards with their trucks just to show that it is indeed reliable and will not jump as easily. The inflation valve is located on the back of the board and the recommended PSI is 15.


This paddle board is wide enough to take your pet with you while boarding. Therefore, it is a paddle board that accepts pets and you do not need to leave your pets alone in your home. It has a comfortable EVA foam deck which is safe for you and your pet.

The board is made with military grade PVC material which makes this product super durable and remarkably portable. This inflatable board is not easily broken.

The non-slip EVA cushion with a three-layer construction makes this board strong and durable. All seams sewn with durable nylon thread. This construction structure offers you a waterproof construction for your seamless journey. These features are extremely handy for your exciting and adventurous journey.

This paddle board comes with an iSUP backpack for storage by folding it after use. When you deflate it, it measures approximately 11 x 36 “which can easily be placed on the carrying bag. It then looks like your sleeping bag. Meanwhile, it is easy to carry with it wherever you want to go. Easy portable is an essential feature for a paddle board.

The Retrospec paddle board is made of EVA foam for firmness and comfort when you are facing the lake or sea water. For a safe and secure trip, it is constructed with stainless steel rings and a active cord link. For your extremely pleasant trip, you can choose this board because the paddle is made with adjustable aluminum materials.

  • The paddle board is constructed from durable materials.
  • The drop point material and stainless steel construction make this board stronger than any other.
  • The non-slip mat is fantastic, and you also get a replacement
  • Ideal for yoga and gentle surfing
  • It has three removable nylon fins which help keep your boat straight in the water.
  • The total space of this board is comfortable for you and your pets.
  • Quite expensive compared to other brands.
  • It is a smaller size
  • The pumps don’t seem to be that great

10. iROCKER All-Around

You should know that iRocker is one of the oldest names that has made the water sports industry a priority; the same goes for stand-up paddle boards ”; iRocker has released a set of iSUPs the least that we can say is that it is perfectly practical for anyone, and after trying their boards, I can say that they are made to control the water.

In this review, we will cover the versatile iSUP which is available in two different sizes; they’re pretty much the same with different sizes and colors. So let’s get started.

iROCKER All-Around: Board Overview

I told you; they are pretty much the same, however, that one foot can make a lot of difference from one rider to another. I usually go for a 10.6 foot long iSUP like the Cruiser, but I found myself really comfortable with the 11 foot all around.

As for small riders, the 10-foot iSUP is more than enough; I’m not saying it’s small, not at all, but in a way, it’s really easier to handle in terms of packaging and unpacking.

The two inflatable paddle boards are 32 inches wide and 6 inches thick; it’s as good as possible on the market.


The iRocker ALL-AROUND 10 ′ is INFLATABLE, the heat-sealed seams and a six-inch six-layer, military-grade, point-drop core with which the 10 ‘iRocker ALL-AROUND is made and you get extra durability. It will not crack or scratch as a solid board does. Because it is inflatable, it can be deflated and packed in a backpack to carry it, so it is good for traveling for example.


Get here; the All-Rounds are identical; they both come with everything a large inflatable board needs, and it will be:

A diamond grooved EVA foam traction cushion that covers two-thirds of the back of the board; it is soft and comfortable for your feet because it will prevent them from sliding off the board once in the water.

A total of 11 stainless steel D-rings which are located as follows:

  • 4 other fixed on both sides (2 D-rings on each side) for those of you who wish to use a kayak seat.
  • The last D-ring is on the tail of the board to attach a safety ankle leash if desired.
  • 6 on the front of the board where you can secure any cargo needed using the elastic cord offered.

A navigation system consisting of three fins, the best any board can get; one fin is large and removable while the other two are smaller and fixed.

A rigid padded carrying handle that is extremely comfortable to use; It is so easy to carry the inflated board in the water, as it will come in very handy once you need to put yourself on the back of the board in the water.

  • Extremely durable (military grade materials, bombproof)
  • Affordable price
  • Glides well in water
  • Very versatile
  • Exceptional rigidity
  • Expanded front elastic storage area
  • Removable child safety handles on nose and tail
  • Additional D-rings to secure seat, strap or kayak equipment
  • Improved carbon fiber mixing paddle
  • Non-removable neoprene carrying handle cover

How difficult is it to learn to paddle board?

It is not really difficult to learn. First, you need to make sure that the paddle board has enough float for your weight. Then make sure that the board has been inflated to its maximum psi. Now, if you have a normal balance, you need to learn quickly.

In fact, you really shouldn’t fall on water the first time. After 2-3 sessions, you should have it and paddle like a pro. Here are some tips for beginners. Make sure you are holding the paddle properly and that your paddle technique is appropriate.

How to Stand Up Paddleboard

How to Stand Up Paddleboard

Why buy an inflatable paddle board?

1. Transport – No need for roof bars

Most people buy an inflatable paddle board because they are so easy to transport. They roll in the size of a large backpack. And most tires come with a backpack. You can carry them anywhere. You don’t need a roof rack or a truck. You can even take a bus to the beach.

2. Compact storage – No garage needed

In addition to easy transport, the compact storage of an iSUP. You can store them in a closet or anywhere you can install a large backpack. Now compare that to an 11 ′ composite hardboard that is large, difficult to handle and must be sheltered from the elements inside a garage.

3. Price

Although there are many high-end inflatable paddle boards, you won’t find a composite board under $ 500. All the paddle boards repeated in this article are inflatable.

4. Are they so rigid? – Can an inflatable support my weight?

Yes. Inflatable paddle boards will surprise you.

They are extremely rigid. It only slightly less rigid than a composite board. The manufacturers designed the design to make the inflatable as rigid as possible using drop point technology.

5. Durability

The inflatables are durable and in many ways more durable than a composite board. The inflatables cannot tinkle or scratch, which is a real problem with rigid boards. Most inflatables market have double or triple layers of thick military grade PVC.

Although it is not recommended, you can run an inflatable in rocks and tree stumps that would seriously damage a hard composite board. I even saw inflatable structures survive being run over by a car! If an inflatable has a hole, it is easy to repair and many come with their own repair kit.Buoyancy
ISUPs have a lot of float or volume.

It is important that you consider the maximum weight capacity of any paddle board you purchase. Make sure you are well below the weight limit. And think of any children, dogs, or cargo you may want to float on your board. You should never approach the maximum weight limit. Most good tires are 6 inches thick, which gives them a lot of volume.

7. Dog Friendly

Dogs love to roll on tires because the surface provides better grip for a dog than a composite board. A dog’s nails will not puncture an inflatable paddle board easily.

Cons to inflatable paddle boards

Inflating and Deflating

You must inflate and deflate your paddle board each time you take it out. Most iSUPs are inflated in 5-10 minutes. Although I find it easy, for some people it is a chore. I think it has a lot to do with the quality of the hand pump.

Pumps are an integral part of the iSUP experience. You need a good pump. And if you have a cheap pump, it’s worth it to buy a good one. Many people like to use an electric air pump to facilitate the process. You can buy air pumps that use a cigarette lighter as a power source.

Performance – Composite paddle boards work better

The inflatables work well, but the composite paddle boards work better. Composite SUPs are faster and manage better. Composite boards glide through the water more easily and more easily. If you’re serious about performance, you’ll want a hard composite board. If you’re serious about surfing, running, or traveling long distances, buy a hard composite board.


Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Cheap Inflatable Paddle Boards?

What are the key factors to consider when buying a paddleboard? There are many options available for budget-friendly paddle boards. How can you pick the best? To make the best decision, you need to consider the size, materials and weight as well as the accessories. Let’s take a closer look at each of these.

1. Materials

PVC is the main material used in inflatable SUP’s. PVC is a light, durable, lightweight plastic material used to make inflatable boats. Because PVC can be thermobonded to the core and hull shapes, it is an excellent choice for inflatable SUP construction. A drop stitch sandwich is the core of most SUP hulls. It consists of 2 layers of material and connecting threads. This allows for the SUP to maintain its flat shape when inflated. Drop stitch core is what creates the long, thin and flat board section.

A single layer of PVC will suffice for a low-cost board. The double- or triple-layered PVC laminate will be used on a more expensive board. A board with more layers is better. Three layers will result in a stronger, more durable board.

Many boards claim they use Military Grade PVC. This simply means that they are using thick PVC material. For stiffness and durability, a 3 layer PVC laminate is better than a single-layer Miltary Grade PVC.

2. SUP weight

Inflatable SUP boards can weigh in at 17 to 25 lbs. All are made of PVC and may have one to three layers. A board made of a three-layer laminate will weigh more than one. Boards with different traction pads will be heavier than those made from a single layer. A board that is longer and wider will weigh more than one of the smaller sizes.

3. Length

The board’s length will impact its performance and, most importantly, speed. Your SUP’s ability to handle water conditions will also be affected by its length. The length of a paddle board is measured in feet and inches.

Short boards (10′ or less): These boards are great for surfing and for children. They are more maneuverable and can be used for surfing.

Medium (10′-12′): Medium boards are best for recreational, all-round use, and yoga. These boards are more stable due to their planing hulls and rounder shape. They can handle all water conditions.

Long (12′ or more) boards: These boards are great for racing, long distances and touring. These boards are faster due to their length. They also tend to be more straight in the water. Many long paddle boards come with displacement hulls.

The board’s length will not only determine its speed but also affect its weight and volume. When transporting or storing your SUP, you should consider the length of the board.

4. Width

Similar to the length of a paddle board, the width also influences performance. The board’s width will determine its stability. A board with a smaller diameter will have less stability.

The width of your SUP will depend on how you paddle board. Consider your body type, weight, and ability when choosing the right width.

Narrow boards: These boards are best for speed but will compromise on stability. A narrow board is ideal for advanced paddleboarders who are looking for challenges. Because they have a smaller volume than larger boards, narrower boards are better for people who are smaller and lighter.

Boards that are wider: These boards offer greater stability, and more weight and volume. These boards can be used for leisure and are great for activities like surfing or yoga. However, it is important to consider the board’s length.

While width is important, it is not the only factor. You also need to consider volume, weight capacity, and length to make sure your board fits your needs. A shorter, narrower board is better for racing. A wider, longer board is more suitable for surfing. Yoga will benefit from a longer, wider board.

5. Thickness

Most good quality paddle boards are 6 inches thick. They keep you out of the water higher and shape better.

A board that is less than 6 inches thick won’t be as firm.

6. Capacity and Volume

Your size will determine your volume and capacity. A board that is made specifically for you will ensure stability and buoyancy. It will be easier to maneuver the board on the water.

Your weight is the most important factor in determining volume and weight capacity. However, your board width, height, and thickness will all have an impact on these factors and determine board performance.

Volume is the volume in litres. The board’s weight capacity is determined by its volume. It is more buoyant and stable on water if it has a higher volume.

Weight Capacity: This is measured in pounds. It tells you how much weight the board is able to carry and still be efficient on the water. The board’s performance will be affected if you are heavier than the weight limit.

7. Design

Certain features are essential on a paddleboard.

Cheap paddle boards don’t have fancy features, but they do come with essentials. You will need things like carry handles, bungee storage, and fins.

You can attach a kayak seat to your board by checking if it has additional D-rings or an action mount.

Make sure you check the fin system before buying. Some people like the idea of all-removable fins as they can easily change the configuration. Some people don’t mind having side fins that are fixed.

Although these design differences may not seem significant, they can have a major impact on your comfort and ease.

8. Qualitative Construction

You want your SUP to last, even if it is cheap.

All inflatable paddleboards are made from PVC with a dropstitch core. It is all about the material quality and how many layers are used.

Paddle boards of high quality are made with military-grade PVC. They usually have two to three layers. They are extremely rigid once fully inflated. They can hold a lot of body weight, so you don’t need to worry about them flexing.

The majority of cheap paddle boards are made from single-layer PVC, but you can also find some with dual-layer PVC construction.

Paddle boards with a single layer tend to be flexible, but not all.

Check the company first. You can be sure that the SUP has been made well if the manufacturer is reliable and has been around for some time.

In case of any problems with your paddleboard, you will be provided with contact information.

It is worth checking out what other paddlers have to say. Users have rated all the inflatable SUPs here highly on various platforms. Many paddle boards have been around for many years, and are still in great shape.

Don’t forget to read the warranty information. For cheap paddleboards, a one-to-two-year warranty is a great option. An SUP without a warranty is a red flag.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the difference between the high-priced and low-priced inflatable SUP packages?

If we assume that we are talking about the ALL-AROUND type iSUP SUP board package, the main difference between high priced and low priced SUP packages is the quality of their contents.

*Quality of construction

*Quality of accessory items included in the package

A higher quality board is generally more durable and can take more abuse than a cheaper board. A cheap board can last a lot longer if you do a little maintenance. Most people don’t want to bother and get a board that will last exactly as long as it takes for some critical parts to wear down.

It is important to note that a board with a higher price does not necessarily indicate a better quality.

Sellers will often mention the number of layers and construction details for their inflatable boards. The most well-known brands tend to charge more for their inflatable boards because they have more layers. However, smaller brands and those with lower prices usually only have one layer of PVC. (Even though they claim they have 2, the truth is that they have 2 PVC tapes around the SUP’s rails. The board will last longer and be more durable in rougher conditions if it has more layers. For general use, a single layer PVC can do just fine.

The package also includes additional items such as the pump, ankle leash and backpack. The paddle, aside from the board, is an essential and more costly item in the package. Lower-priced packages often include a lower quality backpack, paddle, and pump. Although the backpack and paddle can be used for the purpose, the pump is what most people need to replace.

2. Am I required to wear a PFD while using an SUP?

It’s up to you which one you prefer and what you feel most comfortable with. Personally, I almost always wear one. The US Coast Guard SUPs are considered “Vessels”, meaning there should be a USCG approved life jacket (PFD, Type III), sound signaling device (whistle), visual alarm signal, and navigation light (flashlight) for each person. Click here for more information.

My recommendations for SUP PFDs can be found in my article Paddleboard PFDs or my article on Inflatable Belt Pack PFDs for SUP.

3. Are cheap paddle boards ever good?

Both yes and no. Yes and no. Some paddle boards made cheaply with low quality materials are rushed to the market. When your board punctures during its maiden voyage, you will lose all of your money.

It is possible to buy a good cheap paddle board. It is important to examine the construction of the paddle board and make sure it is durable. You want to make sure that you don’t waste your money on something worthless when making a big purchase. While boards may be less expensive, if they aren’t durable for more than one season, then you will spend more next year.

We’ll discuss the most important aspects to consider when looking for the perfect stand-up paddle board, while keeping within a budget.

4. Is paddle boarding hard?

Paddleboarding is not difficult. Paddle boarding is accessible to everyone, from an 8-year-old child to an 80-year-old grandmother. Inflatable SUPs provide a stable, rigid base for beginners. However, they also offer a soft surface in case you fall. The best iSUPs will have a wider deck than 31 inches to offer a more comfortable stance for beginners. To ensure a stable ride, you should look at the paddle board’s overall weight.

Find calm water to begin after you have chosen the right SUP for you. Once you are at knee-level, swim into the water and then slowly get onto your board. You will need to take your time to get into a good balance. You will eventually be able to stand or sit on the board. You could bring your dog along for the ride next time!

5. What are the general rules for stand-up paddle boarding on the water?

1. The 2008 regulation by the US Coast Guard classifies paddleboards as vessels. A stand-up paddleboard is considered a vessel if it is not in a swimming or surfing zone. These may include a Coast Guard-approved, in good condition, life jacket for each person aboard and a signaling device such as a whistle. Children below 13 years old must wear a Personal Flotation Device (PFD), type 1, 2, 3 or 3. The size of the PFD must be appropriate for the wearer.

2.SUPs are among the smallest vessels on the water. They have no right-of-way and must yield to larger vessels.

3.SUPs must always pass behind or astern of motorized boat traffic.

4. To SUP after sunset, dawn, or dusk you must have a visible white light (such as a flashlight) that can be seen up to a mile. It should also be able to warn other boaters by shining towards traffic.

You can also choose to wear a pouch-type, manually inflatable life jacket or a C02-triggered belt-style PFD if you don’t want to wear a type 3. These PFDs allow for more movement but you should be aware that you might not be able to inflate them if you’re paddling in an area where your head may hit. The Onyx M-24 SUP Belt is available. The C02 cartridge can be used to replace the original cartridge.


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The best inflatable paddle boards for sale are those that provide the most value. These products offer a great balance of features and benefits at an affordable price point, which is why they’re our top recommendations in this category. We hope you’ve found our reviews helpful as you try to decide which board would be the right fit for your needs! Let us know what questions we can answer or how we can help with your purchase decision.

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