10 Best Fitness Tracker for Kids Reviews

10 Best Fitness Tracker for Kids in 2022: The Ultimate Guide for Parents

With the increase in cases of lifestyle diseases among kids such as obesity and diabetes, it is important to introduce them to healthy lifestyles early enough and that includes physical exercises. Encourage your child’s movement by getting her the best fitness tracker for kids.

Kids fitness tracker help your children to be on the move, keeping them healthy and fit but in a fun and interesting way. To them, it is more of a game rather than a fitness exercise, best calorie burn tracker.

You see, children tend to achieve a lot when there are set goals and rewards. With kids fitness tracker, you can set fitness goal and once you achieve them, you get rewarded in terms of advanced game adventures etc.

It gives kids a sense of accomplishment which is fulfilling.

Our review of the Best Fitness Tracker for Kids features devices that are cool, durable and efficient. Read on, grab one for your child and get your kid out on the run to kick-start a healthy lifestyle.

1. Garmin vívofit jr, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

The vivofit jr. is the first Garmin fitness tracker for kids. Like the vivofit jr. 2, this has an easy-to-wear elastic band that fixes the device in place, so it doesn’t get lost or break. Unlike version 2, these are more generic bands, not linked to a theme.

This model maintains a simple display, using a single button to access all the functionality of the device. Once connected to the mobile application, you can personalize your child’s profile and synchronize it with their Vivofit to display their name and progress.

Garmin allows parents to create tasks and rewards that they can complete to access parts. These coins can buy rewards such as getting ice creams or choosing what to eat for breakfast.

Their profiles can help parents track their daily fitness level and even monitor their sleep schedules, and with the Adventure Trail app, the whole family can get involved to stay active.

Another great setting that parents can use for their child is to preset timers for tasks. You can set a two-minute timer to brush your teeth or use a thirty-minute timer to clean their room. This feature helps children stay on task while actively seeing a reward given after the chore is over.

The vivofit jr. is a great option if you want an economical fitness tracker. The adventures and thematic games of vivofit jr are missing. 2 but otherwise they are very similar.

  • Tracks steps and activity levels
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Customizable reward and chore system
  • Small screen

2. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

VTech Kidizoom DX2 is an activity tracker that can work as a pedometer and a smartphone –this will save you the cost of buying your son or daughter a kids smartphone.

DX2 has over 50 digital and analog customization faces.

It also comes in with a sleek design that will attract your kids attention.

Your kid can also capture memorable moments thanks to the tracker’s two cameras.

The cameras capture high quality images. In addition, kids can customize the images captured using the accompanying smartphone application.

The tracker is fitted with a motion sensor and games for plays and challenges.

It has a long lasting battery but in case the battery is discharged, your youngster can recharge it using a micro USB cable.

Your kid can also use the USB cable to upload videos and photos. It comes in at a price that is a bit high but worth investing in.

  • Fun design that appeals to children
  • Games are interactive and keep kids entertaining and active
  • Great price for what you get
  • Help children learn to tell the time
  • Not waterproof
  • Not a real fitness watch

3. Fitbit Ace, Activity Tracker for Kids 8+

Fitbit Ace is an attractive fitness tracker, perfect for teenagers and, above all, does not want to use anything as a child. This device allows parents to offer prizes and badges to reach their goals and organize competitions via the Family Account function.

One of the main attractive features of this tracker is a 128 x 36 pixel resolution screen. By touching, you can switch to one of the ten digital faces. When children reach their results and goals, they can share them with their friends and family associated with their family account in the application.

Unlike Garmin Jr. 2’s Vivofit, the application is equipped with two views: that of the parent and that of the child. This makes the app safe for kids to follow and use.

  • It is light and comfortable to wear.
  • It is easy to use for children.
  • It has a good LED display.
  • Fitbit Ace is limited to two colors.
  • It has poor battery life.

4. Garmin Vivofit Jr 2, Kids Fitness/Activity Tracker

Garmin-Vivofit is a 2nd generation Vivofit Jr.. The fitness tracker features Disney adventures that make step counting more fun. Some of the Disney options added are Spider Man and Disney Princess.

The two options are kid-friendly. When kids hit their daily one-hour goal they advance in larger games. These games heavily depend on the Disney IP your kid has.

The tracker also keeps track of kids sleep, steps and activity levels. Parents can access this information by logging into the parent-controlled app.

The tracker can also act as a reminder, in that, parents can set them to remind their kids what activity they are to do at a given time.

There are two types of bands you can choose from, an adjustable band, which is best for kids who are aged at least 6 years old. The other type is the stretchy band, which is also best for kids aged between 4 years to 7 years old.

The tracker also comes in three designs that your child will love: the Marvel Character, Disney, and Star Wars. Each of the above designs come in two different variations.

It can be set to only vibrate, only ring or can be set to vibrate and ring at the same time. Once your kid successfully sums up the tasks virtual coins are rewarded to him or her.

According to Garmin, the smartwatch battery can preserve power for up to one year; your kid therefore does not have to charge it each night. what’s more, Its battery is replaceable. Lastly, this tracker comes in at a favorable price.

  • Fun designs on a comfortable bracelet
  • Interactive application games to get kids in shape
  • Real rewards for active children
  • Parents can set chore reminders
  • Dark display may be difficult to read
  • Children may lose interest in adventure play

5. LeapBand Activity Tracker by LeapFrog

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The LeapBand activity tracker is a colorful and activity tracker that encourages daily active play and healthy lifestyle. With over 50 challenges to choose from, your kid will never get enough of the fun challenges that will keep her motivated to stay active.

What’s more, the LeapBand features customizable play. For instance, the tracker comes along with 8 virtual pets. Your kid can pick up one of them, customize and have herself/himself a playmate.

In addition, you can download an exclusive Petathlon games app for your kids with this tracker. The app not only allows kids to have fun playing games and earning rewards but also teaches them some healthy choices.

Petathlon app is compatible with the latest versions of Android devices and most Apple iOS devices as well as LeapFrog wireless tablets.

The activity tracker features LeapFrog Connect in which parents can remotely control play times, challenges among other features.

Other features of this tracker include digital/analog watch, water resistance, rechargeable battery, and USB connectivity, etc.

This activity tracker is specially made for kids aged 4 years to 7 years.

  • Interactive fitness games allow children to move
  • Parents can control when “play” time is over / begins
  • Fun display lets kids do everything from their watches
  • Teach children about nutrition
  • May be noisy, no volume control options
  • Bulky, can be uncomfortable to wear for long periods
  • Not suitable for children over 7 years old

6. LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR

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Unlike Vivofit, LETSCOM Fitness Tracker HR is explicitly not designed for children. However, it continues to be touted as a fitness tracking tool that children can use. With the advanced assisted software algorithm, this tracking eliminates the counting pulses of erroneous steps. It is undoubtedly something of interest for children who are interested in sports and athletics.

The tracking and excellent features are undoubtedly the main selling point of this device, especially in terms of price. Indeed, it’s one of the few children’s fitness trackers for physical activity that allows children to track their heart rate. Of course, exercise and sleep will follow, but the fact that you have a monitor an important advantage for this device.

  • Average battery life.
  • It takes between 1 to 2 hours to recharge.
  • Equipped with GPS tracking
  • Viewing notifications
  • User interface is not intended for use by children

7. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

The new Fitbit kids activity tracker – the Ace 2 – is a kids’ tracker that’s durable, waterproof, and available in fun colors. The price of the new version has dropped, about $ 30 less than the original Ace.

While the first Ace tracker was similar to the Fitbit Alta, this version is newly designed specifically for children. The tough silicone band will last longer than the original Ace metal band. It fits on your child’s wrist and generally feels more comfortable. A waterproof design means the tracker can be worn while swimming in the pool or the ocean.

Ace 2 tracks steps and total active minutes, including a one-hour active minute goal. Incentives such as badges and fun characters encourage you to take more steps and continue to be active.

Bedtime reminders can be set to keep your child on schedule. Alarms can also be programmed on the watch to wake them up in the morning as well. Like an adult activity tracker, the Ace 2 monitors sleep patterns and nighttime activity.

The Ace 2 is easy to use. A button facilitates navigation between screens. The clock faces can also be modified and personalized.

The Ace 2 synchronizes wirelessly with a phone. The Fitbit app has two views: a parental view and a child view. The children’s view allows your child to see limited statistics such as stages, badges and other basic information. The parental view allows you to configure more than one child so that you can see your whole family in a single application.

The Ace 2 lasts about 5 days, then requires a charge. Compared to Garmin’s vivofit jr 2, which runs on a standard watch battery, that’s the biggest downside of the Ace 2. But if you love the Fitbit ecosystem and your kids are part of it, the Ace 2 is a great option.

  • Durable and waterproof
  • Fun colors and interchangeable bands
  • Incentives for children to be active
  • New lower price
  • Must be recharged every 5 days
  • No games like vivofit jr 2

8. Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Not all children like to wear bracelets, some of our children suffer from sensory irritation or because, by their nature, they can easily be damaged. If it’s your child, buy Fitbit Zip. It is a fitness tracker with a solid rubber body that allows you to attach it to the belt, on clothing. A t-shirt or pocket to track wireless activities on the Zip wireless network can monitor children’s steps; measure calories burned and record water entry records.

Fitbit Zip offers its users advanced software features that allow them to compete with family and friends to achieve their daily fitness goals. If your child needs motivation and encouragement to reach his daily fitness goals, Zip is the perfect choice for your child because he receives different badges depending on his ability to reach his daily fitness goals.

  • You don’t have to wear it like a bracelet.
  • It is not waterproof.
  • Not in the truest sense of the word designed for children

9. Kurio Watch, Lavender

Kurio Watch is a smart watch for children as well as for fitness activities. The colored plastic is characterized by children’s technology and the Kurio watch is available in blue, purple and pink. The comfortable silicone ribbons have a trigger and are great for our four and seven year olds, although they may need help carrying them. The smartwatch fitness tracker can take photos and videos. They can also be fitted with fun filters.

With Bluetooth connectivity, parents can connect with Android devices to connect with their children and share photos and other media. Texts and images can be exchanged between friends with the same clock. The straps are interchangeable and can be adapted to your child’s style. With each watch, two bands are supplied with two bands, a standard band and a bracelet that changes color depending on the child’s body temperature.

  • Come up with activity-based games.
  • Resistant to scratches and waterproofing
  • Selection of cool color bands
  • Physical training activities are limited
  • Children can be disturbed by other visualization functions and limit their mobility
  • Address controversies for the best fitness tracker for kids

10. MoreFit Kids Fitness Tracker with Heart Rate Monitor

This smart tech fitness tracker looks the part and certainly offers. It comes in a bunch of cool colors that any child will love.

MoreFit has created something extremely simple to use without compromising any of the capabilities. It is a great buy for kids of all ages and will allow you to monitor daily activities. Setup is quick and easy and the functions are simple enough for a child to operate.

The good news is that the MoreFit children’s fitness tracker is semi-waterproof. It can resist splashing water; however, it cannot be immersed in the pool, bath, ocean or river. This means that you can wash your hands while wearing it, but it cannot be used while swimming.


Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Fitness Tracker For Kids?

After you have decided on the functions that you like, you can further refine your choices based on your personal preferences.

1. Style

Although the wrist fitness tracker is most popular, it’s not your only choice. It’s not necessary to wear something on your wrist every day if you aren’t sure. Trackers can be either rings or necklaces (Ringly makes an exquisite ring); trackers can also clip onto your clothes.

There are many great styles available for wrist activity trackers. Many devices are stylish and customizable with interchangeable bands. Others are more discreet and don’t seem like a flashy tracker.

A smartwatch is another option. These watches will focus less on your fitness and more on staying connected. Many new models combine smartwatches and fitness trackers, so you have many options.

Comfort is also important! It will be worn 24/7 so make sure it is comfortable to wear. For those with small wrists and those who wear long sleeves, bulky trackers can be very uncomfortable. You might not feel the same way as others. You should always wear long-lasting devices.

2. Display

Advanced trackers display their data on a watch-face-like screen. They use symbols, numbers and words. Others share the information via an app or simple LED display. The companion app for trackers syncs the data to your smartphone and computer. It not only stores the information, but it also allows you to interpret and analyze it. To ensure that the companion app meets your expectations, you can preview it before making a purchase.

Features: Not all fitness trackers have the same features. A tracker that tracks your steps and your sleeping habits might be enough if you are looking for a simple fitness tracker. If you exercise regularly or need to know how your activity affects your overall health, then a more sophisticated tracker with a heart monitor or GPS built-in may be right for you.

It is important to consider what type of workouts you enjoy. Waterproofing is essential if you are a swimmer. Are you just starting your fitness journey? You may need extra motivation to keep going on your fitness journey.

3. GPS tracking

Your tracker will record distance, speed and elevation while outdoors activities such as running or cycling. The cheapest trackers will use an accelerometer for distance estimates, but with mixed results. This is the story of the “fitness tracker can’t accurately track a Marathon” that has been repeated every year before the London Marathon. The London Marathon expose used an accelerometer. However, almost all runners will use a GPS tracker. You can connect your tracker to your smartphone to get more precise tracking. However, this option is not available from all trackers.

An accelerometer’s distance estimate is not accurate enough for a device equipped with GPS. However, it will still be more precise than a GPS-equipped device. Manufacturers may choose to reduce the frequency of readings to conserve battery life. This is why it’s possible to zoom in on a map showing your route and see that it looks like you’ve passed through buildings. A GPS signal relies on the line of sight between your device (or a satellite) and it can be distorted by clouds or running in densely populated areas. You should look for trackers that are compatible with other satellite tracking systems, such as GLONASS (the Russian equivalent to GPS) or Galileo (the EU’s satellite system).

4. Monitoring heart rate

Another option is a heart-rate monitor. As you would expect, it will monitor your heart rate throughout the day. This will give you information about your heart rate and the periods between peaks and valleys. It is useful in tracking your progress in fitness.

This is where accuracy is crucial. However, this can differ between makes and models. This is also part of our lab testing to ensure that good trackers don’t miss any beats.

If your tracker allows for that, it should provide more accurate estimates of your maximum oxygen consumption (VO2 max) and heart rate monitoring. For climbers, athletes and those preparing for an event, VO2 max data is useful.

5. Battery Life

While most models can last seven days on one charge, some models (such as the Withings HR) can go for up to three weeks. Huawei Watch Fit Elegant has a quick charging function that is ideal for those who need extra juice to keep track of a run or a meal.

6. Waterproof vs. Water Resistant

A waterproof device may be essential to you. In this case, it is important to know what the terms “waterproof” and “water resistant” really mean. If you plan to run, swim, or shower in the rain, this designation is important.

There is no waterproof device. Devices may be water resistant to some degree. Your device’s specifications should indicate this. This is often an ATM rating. Trackers will be listed with something like “5 ATM”, but it could also be described in meters, “water resistant up to 50 meters.”

Higher water ratings are always better. The device’s water resistance rating of 5 ATM/50M is a guarantee that it will resist water 50m below the surface, if the user is not moving. To be safe, you will need at least 10ATM if your fitness tracker is to be completely submerged. You can swim with a 5ATM/50M device but we recommend you go higher.

These are some guidelines to help you choose the right water rating:

1 ATM/10 meters

3 ATM/30 Meters: Splash/rain resistant; quick shower okay

5 ATM/50 meters: Splash/rain Resistant; Showering and Accidental Submersion OK; Light, Surface Swimming Okay

10 ATM/100 meters: Splash/rain Resistant; perfect for swimming and showering


  • Compatible with Android and IOS
  • Excellent multifunctional functionality
  • Integrated alarm clock
  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range of colors
  • Not completely waterproof

Children’s fitness tracker FAQ

1. What is the best children’s fitness tracker?

Well, there is no linear answer to that, which implies that the best tracker depends on what you want, the budget you have, and many other factors that may be strictly related to you.

2. Are trackers automatic machines?

It also depends on the devices and the band you choose to use. Nevertheless, the Fitbit model is equipped with a built-in application that automatically detects when your children start an active session.

3. Do children need an activity tracker to stay fit and healthy?

The obvious answer is no. Staying in shape is not a function of monitoring. Therefore, your children can always stay in shape. It is to encourage children to make more efforts to work.

4. Fitness trackers vs. smartwatches

There are many options for fitness trackers. A basic model costs less than $100 and will allow you to see how many steps you are taking each day.

You will need something more sophisticated to get details about your pace, stride, and speed as well as your average heart beat and insight into how much sleep you are getting. You can even find data that is specific to marathon runners, swimmers, skiers, weightlifters or golfers.

If you are really interested in both productivity and health, then check out our smartwatch ratings. Smartwatches allow you to install third-party applications, which is a big advantage over fitness trackers. While they are still a bit more costly than fitness trackers in general, the price gap between them has been closing over the years.

5. What is a fitness tracker?

There are many fitness trackers and smartwatches that can log your exercise data. All of them count steps and distance traveled, and store that information in the accompanying app. These data are presented in graphs, so you can track your activity.

Higher-end models include sleep tracking, heart rate monitoring (active or resting), calorie input logs, and support for certain smartphone apps such as Spotify. The accompanying apps are able to track various types of exercise, including rowing, swimming and weight lifting. You can even track your food intake.

You will have an ever-changing log of all your activities, no matter if it’s a quick walk or a complete fitness program. Although a fitness tracker will not make you more active, it can encourage you to keep working out, especially when you see positive results.

6. Why not use a fitness tracker instead?

Fitness watches are a great way to motivate people to keep on track with their fitness goals. They provide real-time data and metrics that can help you monitor your progress and improve your performance. Fitness trackers provide real-time reminders and alerts that will keep you motivated, even if it’s in small increments.

7. What should I spend on a fitness tracker for?

The price of a budget fitness tracker is below PS50 and provides basic functionality to monitor your steps and movements. Standard trackers cost just under PS50, but include heart-rate monitors, exercise tracking, and more.

At the high end (around PS150), things get more complicated as smartwatches are available. These watches can track your health and perform other tasks (such as the Samsung Watch which acts as a proxy phone). If you are serious about staying fit and willing to spend PS150 on a fitness tracker I would advise against smartwatches. Many of the extra functions are unnecessary. Spend your money on a product designed only to track your fitness.

8. Are fitness trackers that are cheap good quality?

For those just looking to lose weight, cheap fitness trackers can be a great option. A cheap fitness tracker is sufficient for most people, except if you are a serious athlete and need advanced GPS tracking.

9. If my child doesn’t have a phone, will the smartwatch still work?

You will need to pair the watch with an app on your smartphone in order to activate it. The watch will still display time, distance, steps, heart rate, and other information even if it is not connected to the phone. It is great for encouraging children to move and be active! The functions like caller alert, SMS alarm, multiple alarm reminders, etc. (these notifications appear on the watch as vibrations and notifications) will only be available if the watch is within Bluetooth range (10 meters) of the smartphone. You can choose not to turn on caller and text alerts (in app).


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