Best Toys For Babies 3-6 Months – Top 5 Picks

Best Toys For Babies 3-6 Months in 2022 – Top 5 Picks.

Congratulations! You are already in your third month or so of motherhood. At this stage, probably you feel like all you can do is to breastfeed your little bundle of joy, change them diapers and probably catch a nap while they sleep-that if you are lucky.

While it may seem like your infant cannot do much at this age, there are plenty of things that your baby can engage in, including playing with the best toys for babies 3-6 months

Toys are not only fun for your infant but have significant benefits to your baby’s cognitive and physical development. When purchasing toys, you need to consider some aspects of developmental toys that include recommended age, ‘grows’ with the baby, safety, educative, encourage physical activity, stimulating among other factors.

Check out our reviews of the top five toys for babies aged 3-6 months based on customer reviews and in-depth analysis.

Best Toys for Babies 3-6 months – Reviews.

1. The Lovevery Play Gym (EDITOR’S CHOICE)

As kids grow up, they lose interest in some of the toys, with the Lovevery Play Gym, however, your baby will enjoy a whole year and even beyond of fun activities. What’s more, the play Gym is a flexible tool that grows with your baby from being newborn to toddler. 

What excites me the most is the fact that Lovevery Gym – best developmental toys for babies is designed by child development experts and aims at developing your baby’s cognitive, physical, motor, and visual learning.

The Play Gym features five development zones on its mat that promote learning in terms of focusing, color exploration, sound making, hiding and finding, fine and gross motor skills and how things feel as well as inhibiting over-stimulation.

Besides, this play gym features detachable organic accessories aimed at promoting your infant’s ability to grasp, hand-pass and mouth, toys to help baby sit up. They include teether, wooden batting ring and Montessori ball.

You also get a play guide with lots of ideas on stage-based fun activities for your growing baby. It does not take rocket science to set up and remove the Lovevery Play Gym but rather two minutes of your time and does not require any tool.

  • Promotes your baby’s cognitive, motor, physical and visual development.
  • ​Safe for your baby.
  • Easy set-up, clean-up and storage.
  • ​Offers lots of fun activities.
  • ​Grows with your baby; infant to toddler.
  • Slightly expensive compared to other toys.

2. Life-Tandy Baby Kick and Play Mat

Life-Tandy is another great toy that offers flexible play options, tailored to each stages of motor development.

The Life-Tandy toy not only ‘grows’ with your baby but also allows your little one to play and have fun in four ways, which include lay and play, sit and play; tummy time and take along.

With this toy, there are limitless ways in which your baby can have a fun-filled experience including playing the hanging ring bell, touching the pendant or lie down and tapping on the piano keys.

Aside from improving hand-eye coordination, grasping abilities and muscle development, fine and gross motor skills,  the bright colors of the mat will instantly grab your toddler’s attention, and keep them engaged for a long time.

What’s more? The toy features a soft, comfy mat constructed from ABS material + pure cotton cloth. This mat, plus the soft piano music are the perfect recipe that will accompany your kid to dreamland when your kid gets tired of playing.

  • Appealing
  • Unisex
  • Up to 5 lullaby songs on the piano
  • The blanket underneath is not cushioned

3. VTech Baby Lullabies Bear Projector

The VTech Baby Sleepy Lullabies Bear Projector is the perfect and best toys for kids 3-6 months as it impacts positively your infant’s development. This toy improves your baby`s sensory skills as well as cognitive skills.

This adorable projector displays a color image onto the ceiling to calm the little one.

Its signature feature, however, is the white noises the toy plays. To help your baby sleep with much ease, play the white noises that mimic the noises your little one hears inside the womb thus inhibiting surrounding noises.

The best part of the toy is that it allows you to choose between three sounds mode of play: nature sounds, bedtime music, or heartbeats, all depending on the temperament of your little one.

To avoid disturbing the baby once they fall asleep, the toy has a timer switch which will turn the bear off after ten or thirty minutes.

The voice activation key plays calming music when your baby cries out and is quite handy in lulling your kid back to sleep.

What I love most about this toy is the fact that the projector is firmly attached to the crib thanks to the adjustable straps.

  • Perfect for lulling your kid to sleep
  • ​Cute
  • ​Improves your baby’s sensory and cognitive skills
  • Not ideal for babies who are sensitive to sounds

4. Baby Einstein Octoplush Toy and Sea Dreams Soother.


Not many babies are natural sleepers, and the Baby Einstein Octoplush Toy & Sea Dreams Soother is an excellent choice; a better sleep regime. The soft multi-textured toy not only soothes your baby to sleep but also calms your baby. It also promotes her tactile development by exploring the multiple textures in it.

The Octoplush Toy and Sea Dream Soother feature real-life imagery that calms your little infant. What’s more, the toy features a special drift off that soothes your infant to sleep by slowly softening music and lights after an interval of 10 minutes.

With this toy, your infant is in a better position to understand colors by repetition thanks to its colorful stitched patches. Your baby will also love the Baby Einstein melody that comes in three classical melodies and produced when s/he hugs the octopus. You can set the language of your choice from English, French or Spanish.

Your infant will also love the spectacular underwater light effect and movement of baby Neptune characters.


5. Mobile Crib Musical Toy by Mini Tudou.

The Mini Tudou Mobile Musical is all your baby needs to set that beautiful mood, sooth the baby to sleep and also promote visual and hearing development. The toy’s shape and texture also stimulate your infant’s touch development.

The toy features mobile music comprising of over 100 melodies that is not only good in helping your baby fall asleep but also promotes auditory development and identification of sounds. Also, the gradual rotation of the musical mobile captures your infant’s attention, helps in exercising the baby’s eyesight and subsequently develops your baby’s vision.

What I love most is the projection of starry sky and the light shadows of the moon via music box that creates that great ambiance for your baby to have a quality sleep. Note that this happens when you switch off the bedroom’s lights. You can choose from three projection colors, i.e red, green and blue.

Other incredible features include the infrared remote control, beautiful hanging parts and safe ABS, BPA free material. Most importantly, the Crib Mobile Musical ‘grows’ with your baby right from zero months.

  • Safe ABS, BPA free material.
  • ​”Grows” with your newborn.
  • ​Promotes your baby’s auditory, vision and touch development.
  • Sets good mood and soothes your baby to sleep.
  • Lots of beautiful melodies.
  • You will need to purchase 2AA and 3AA batteries separately.
  • Some customers had issues with its remote.

Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Toys for Babies 3-6 months?

1. Safe Toys

Your baby may be a future Pulitzer Prize winner, but she will still stick anything, no matter how gross or small, in her mouth, which can be dangerous. Meri-Kappy, president of Safe Kids USA (previously the Home Safety Council), says that there are more than 200,000 toys-related injuries each year that lead to emergency room visits. Many of these children are younger than four years old. More than a dozen children below 15 die every year from toy-related injuries. Although your instinct might be to wrap your child in a blanket until he is at high school, it’s not necessary to be afraid.

It is important to only purchase toys that are appropriate for your child’s age. Appy states that we like to see our children as highly educated and give them toys that they are’ready for’. However, this can lead to dangerous mistakes. Pay attention to the warning labels. They are often caused by an accident and should be read carefully. Appy states that the backstory is very tragic. It’s a loss, or injury that could last a lifetime. Children aged 3 and below are at greatest risk of choking, so most warning labels are intended for them.

Toys such as balls, balloons and marbles will have choking hazards warnings. Appy says that any item small enough for a toilet roll to pass through is small enough for a child’s windpipe. For example, a ball should not exceed 1.75 inches in diameter. Although small parts testers may be available at toy stores, the toilet paper roll is a great guide.

Button magnets and magnetic jewelry have been a source of alarm in recent years. These magnets are small and attractive for curious babies, but can prove deadly. Appy explains that if a child swallows more than one, they could come together and injure organs. Latex balloons are another no-no. Small pieces of latex balloons can get down the baby’s throat and become stuck. Appy states that Mylar is safer if you absolutely must use a balloon.

Don’t forget to mention that even the most thoughtful gift-givers can ignore warning labels. Grandma may have picked up something she liked, or perhaps the nanny doesn’t understand English. Toys should be checked before being given to your baby. Toy safety should also be a concern for caregivers. Appy states, “It is important to talk with anyone who takes care of your child.”

2. Toys containing chemicals

Below are some reasons why you should avoid these chemicals found in toys for kids. I have also listed ways that you can reduce their toxic effects on your health and the environment: Lead, PVC and Phthalates, Bisphenols (BPA + BPS), Flame Retardant Chemicals, Formaldehyde.

3. Safety for toys at-home

It’s important that your children are able to use safe toys after you have purchased them. Supervising your children’s play is the best way to do so. Playing with your children teaches them how play safely and has fun.

Parents should:

Teach children to put away toys.

To make sure toys are safe and usable, check them regularly: Wooden toys should not have splinters, and outdoor toys and bikes shouldn’t rust.

Stuffed toys should not have exposed removable parts or broken seams.

Recycle or fix broken toys immediately.

Outdoor toys should be stored away from rain and snow.

Be sure to clean toys. You can wash some plastic toys in the dishwasher. However, make sure to read the instructions. You can also mix antibacterial soap with mild dishwashing detergent in a spray bottle. Then, use the spray bottle to clean toys and rinse them afterwards.

4. Different types of play

Daniel Marston, Ph.D. Clinical psychologist, ABPP recommends toys that allow for a wide range of activities. This allows children to be curious and independent, which I believe is a key factor in their development. He says that toys are important for children in their early years of life, and especially the first half year. Children must be able to recognize objects and interact with the world around them.

Knowing your child’s milestones can give you a better idea of the steps to take to help them grow or what you should do to support them. Parents and caregivers may want to consider toys that improve skills such as cause and effect, fine motor and gross motor, and sensory playing.

Marston suggests that parents interact with their child when they use toys, but not direct them. This allows the child to develop their skills and fosters curiosity.

5. It is easy to clean

If you don’t have the time or desire to wash toys manually, toys that can be washed in the dishwasher and machine washable are great. It is also important to determine if toys are having trouble drying. Plastic, silicone, and rubber are all susceptible to mold.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do Babies Need Toys?

Toys are not necessary for newborns, as they only care about sleeping and eating. Many parents notice their baby “wake up” around three months. This is the time when they are more interested in the world around and can be introduced to toys and other activities that will help with important developmental stages.

2. What Toys Should Babies Have?

In reality, babies love playing with everyday household items such as plastic containers and wooden spoons. So don’t feel pressured to spend a lot on toys. Toys for babies that are safe and useful have many features. These toys can help develop their eyesight, motor skills, and a curiosity about the world.

3. What toys can help my baby develop their senses?

Your baby’s growth from birth to six-months old is rapid. He will enjoy exploring and discovering his new surroundings. Toys that are appropriate for his age will help him in this exciting journey of discovery.

Your newborn’s vision may be blurred for the first month. Your newborn will be unable to see objects more than 20cm (20cm) from his eyes. Playing with your baby in the first month is a good idea. Keep your face at least 30cm away from his. This will allow him to see your facial expressions. When you are showing your baby a toy, keep it at a distance of 30cm from his face.

At birth, your baby’s hearing skills are well-developed. When he hears your voice, he will turn his head toward you. He will use his hearing to help you find a toy that is noisy.

Your baby’s first months will be filled with toys he can both look at and hear. Toys should be attractive with bright colours and textures. Toys will not only enhance your baby’s physical development. Play will help your baby develop his cognitive, social, and creative skills once he is able to play simple games with you.

Although babies are born with the instinct to grasp, they will not develop this skill until around three months of age. Toys can be a great way to encourage your baby’s grasping skills. He will grab the toy if you place it in his sight.

Your baby can reach his first milestones if you give him a little bit of tummy time each day. Try to get your baby to look up when he’s lying on his stomach. This will be especially beneficial for your baby’s neck, back, and shoulder muscles.

Baby gyms are a great way to keep your baby entertained during tummy time. Many come with toys for babies to play with, and the gym floor is brightly coloured with interesting textures.

Your baby will start exploring toys when he is five months old. Your baby’s tongue and lips are more controlled than his fingers and hands at first. His mouth is home to more nerve endings per square metre than any other area of his body. Safety should always be considered when choosing first toys. They should be durable and non-toxic, with no sharp edges. Check labels to ensure that toys are safe to chew. Attaching toys to cots or playpens with string or elastic can cause strangling injuries.

Your baby might be able sit up by six months. This will allow him to see the world from a new perspective. There will be many more toys in his world!

4. Are toys really able to “make my baby smarter,” like the advertisements and packaging claim?

Be cautious. These claims are not supported by scientific evidence. Safe household items, such as plastic bowls that can be filled and dumped, pillows that can be climbed and piled up to create a cave, and old clothes for dressing-up, are often the best learning aids. Your child will learn more if she is able to use her brain and body to solve problems and create her own ideas.

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Final Word

Nothing is more exhilarating and blissful than to see your little one having fun and living their life to the fullest. You can now make that happen by getting them one or multiple of the best toys for babies 3-6 months today.

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