The Best Vacuum For Long Hair Reviews

The Best Vacuum for Long Hair – Best Vacuums for Long Hair Reviews in 2022

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Are you tired because the ground is always full of long hairs falling from the bodies of humans and animals? You can clean them, but it is time consuming and ineffective without the proper tools.

A dedicated vacuum cleaner for handling long hair will be a good solution for you. And we will help you find the best vacuum for long hair available on the market today.

What is included in this article? How to choose and use a vacuum cleaner for long hair, frequently asked questions on the subject and evaluation of the top rated products – everything will be answered below.

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What is a vacuum dedicated to long hair?

Simply, the vacuum cleaners dedicated to long hair will not be tangled when aspirating locks of long hair. They usually come with tangle-free brush rollers that are able to handle long hair and other strands smoothly without getting caught.

However, although the definition seems simple at first, you will have to stick to the following criteria strictly to find the right vacuum cleaner for long hairs of humans and pets.

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What to consider when buying a vacuum cleaner for long hair

When it comes to a vacuum cleaner for long hair, there are many essential features to consider, but the following are the most important. So if you don’t want to make a bad choice, read them carefully.

Types of vacuum

Today there are a variety of different tangle free roller vacuums available in supermarkets. But nothing is perfect. Each type of vacuum has its own strong and weak points.

Therefore, we will introduce them and their pros and cons below, and you can find one that suits your personal preferences and purpose of use.

1. Handheld
Hand vacuums are great for getting painfully hard to reach areas that are in desperate need of cleaning. The most common example of use is in vacuuming cars, because, as the name suggests, this model can only be held in one hand. Its versatility makes it a dream to pick up dirt and debris in a variety of tight places, but it wouldn’t do well for general floor cleaning, which would take a long time to clean with a handheld. This type of vacuum cleaner comes in all kinds of different forms with equally different price tags.

2. Canister
Canister vacuums are a happy medium between the vertical model and the handle model. They are powerful like vertical cleaners, but have a slender frame, like stick cleaners. In this case, a separate canister is attached to a long rod which can be used to hold not only the carpeted areas, but also the bare floor. This style of vacuum cleaner tends to be one of the more expensive options, given its technologically advanced and multifunctional design.

3. Upright
These vacuums are perhaps the most popular and sought after forms of vacuum cleaners. When you imagine a vacuum cleaner or see one advertised in the media, the image you imagine is probably that of a vertical machine. These models offer the most powerful cleaning for your home and offer the comforting benefit of generally easy-to-understand features and accessories, as most people have used a vacuum cleaner at least once in their life. Most models offer settings that allow these vacuums to be used not only on carpeted surfaces but also on bare floors.

4. Stick
Although perhaps the least powerful of the vacuum cleaner models, stick vacuums have a knack for getting into tight spaces and doing great work on hardwood floors, rugs and lightweight carpets. This type of vacuum cleaner has a long, stick-like handle and a slender construction. The thinness of this model makes it a perfect addition to any storage space, as it fits perfectly in most corners after serving its purpose.

5. Autonomous / Robot
Robot vacuums have gained popularity in recent years, mainly due to the fact that they require little effort on your part. These vacuums are able to move freely in your home, sucking up any small mess on its way. Not only do they save you time, but they can also reach places that large vacuum cleaners couldn’t, such as under the sofa. One of the main disadvantages of robot vacuums is that they are generally priced high.

If you want to consult best models, we recommend iRobot Roomba, Roborock S5, Shark IQ R1001AE, Neato Botvac D3, Eufy Anker,….

… Stay tuned, in this post I will show you the 10 best vacuum for long hair. These vacuums don’t get tangled with long hair and easily pick up stubborn hair on the carpet.

In addition, they will save you time, effort, money and make your vacuum cleaner happy!

Without further ado…

Top 10 Best vacuum for long hair

1. Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away (NV752)

The Shark Rotator NV752 is one of our top rated vacuums. This baby is proud of its exceptional suction, proven by the amount of dust, debris and hair it collects.

After trying it, you just know that the sound is accompanied by a power that collects debris with impressive capacities. Apart from that, it can work in several modes: vertical, cartridge and portable – depending on how and where you want to use it.

Its ability to penetrate confined spaces is also unmatched. No matter how and where it is used, the power and cleaning capacity has never wavered.

What really caught my attention about the NV752 is its performance when it comes to collecting long human hair and animal hair. As we all know, hair can be extremely sticky. It doesn’t matter for the NV752, because no matter what type of surface you’re working on, the NV752 gets it – literally. The hair tie works not only for the traces of your furry friends, but also for cleaning upholstery.

This model also comes with several appendages that meet all your cleaning needs: a dusting brush, a dusting genius which is essentially a combination of a crevice tool and a dusting brush, the real motorized brush for animals that fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, a pet padding tool that can remove human hair, pet hair and dust from curtains, delicate fabrics and upholstery, a Genie’s hard floor which is a washable microfiber cushion and the cartridge cart.

However, you have to be careful, because the TruePet can easily tip due to its structure. If you are on the shorter side, handling the NV752 can be a bit difficult as the handle is longer than the usual length.

  • The vacuum cleaner has a motorized brush roller.
  • The unit works in several modes: vertical, canister and portable.
  • Optimal cleanliness is ensured by its very powerful suction.
  • It comes with various attachments that will maximize use.
  • The unit can be a bit difficult to handle for short people.
  • The container is a bit small, so it should be emptied frequently.


2. Dyson Ball Animal 2

A true robust creature, the Dyson Upright Ball Animal 2 makes a solid claim to have the strongest suction power of all vacuum cleaners, although it has a price to match. The Dyson Ball Animal 2 has a powerful motorized brush bar and a self-adjusting head that maintains suction regardless of the type of flooring you vacuum.

The detachable turbine tool is specially designed to clean long hair from small areas such as beds and this specific staircase … Two brush heads go against each other to vacuum the hair and dirt, and there is no brush bar for the hair to curl and erase work.

The entire machine is sealed and uses HEPA filtration, ensuring that dander, hair and other allergens stay in the machine instead of being expelled into the air. The entire dirt cartridge is removable and empty with one touch. The filter is washable, so you won’t have to worry about replacements.

The Dyson Ball Animal 2 is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, so even if you don’t have animal hair, long human hair to untangle, it’s a great choice for those with sensitive respiratory systems.

We have chosen the Dyson Ball Animal 2 as the best overall choice in our guide to the best vacuum for long human hair. If you’re looking for other options in this category, check out our full guide here.

  • Powerful suction,
  • Great maneuverability,
  • Keeps dust and allergens in the machine,
  • The tangle-free turbine tool penetrates into tight spaces
  • Rollerball prevents you from going under furniture,
  • The power cord does not retract


3. Dyson Cyclone V10

The Dyson V10 Absolute Stick Vac is powerful, combining a traditional vertical suction power with an elegant and light construction. Fourteen tiny tornadoes exert the force necessary to capture even the smallest debris from various surfaces. This vicious vacuum cleaner has three suction modes, including a boost mode for heavy particle problems.

The compact body style of the vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver, simple to store and can adapt to most narrow or low areas. While retaining the ultra-light shape, the capacity of the vacuum cleaner bin is always appreciable.

A convertible handheld vacuum function maximizes versatility, and two cleaning heads provide different features designed to tackle multiple terrains. The V10 Absolute also comes with a few essential tools and accessories, including a perfect dusting brush for cleaning lamps, delicate curtains, and ceiling fan blades.

The V10 Absolute Stick Vac comes with a flexible roller floor head designed to capture fine dust and debris while providing cushioned protection to the delicate surfaces of hard floors. The brush roller head is ideal for carpeted floors and when combined with the higher level suction settings, it can dig into the carpet fibers and release trapped debris.

To convert to a portable portable vacuum, the wand is removed and an accessory can be easily clicked into position. The mini motorized tool combined with this mobile vacuum cleaner variant is ideal for upholstering hand furniture and cleaning carpeted stairs, and can also help with your vacuuming needs for your car.

  • Excellent cleaning performance that rivals corded vacuums
  • 60 minute battery
  • High power mode offers incredible suction power
  • Improved shape increases air flow
  • High power mode lasts only 5-7 minutes
  • Expensive


4. Shark APEX Upright Vacuum (AZ1002)

If you are looking for a technologically advanced vacuum cleaner with powerful suction, we recommend the Shark Apex upright vacuum cleaner. It will not only clean your room, but it will also clean itself! Armed with a self-cleaning brush for continuous hair removal, this vacuum cleaner is one of the most effective products Shark has to offer.

One of them is placed at the front, ensuring that the vacuum picks up anything and everything. The other is located just behind the first and adds an extra level of polish and clean to any surface.

With each slide on your floor, you get twice the pickup power of other vacuum cleaners, which usually only have one cleaning head. Use this vacuum on carpets to vacuum debris deep into the fibers or use it on hard floors to get a nice new sheen. Yes. It really makes your floors shine!

This model has been specially designed for those who want to tackle their fur-laden floors. DuoClean technology works on both carpets and hard floors, so you don’t have to switch modes. Combine the incredible power of this vacuum cleaner with Zero-M technology, and your canister will be full of all the nasty things in no time. No more hair wrapped in the rollers.

Add Power-Lift-Away, noise reduction and Active Glide technologies for incredibly smooth handling, and you’ve got an absolute machine freak. To collect the maximum amount of animal hair on your floors, the Shark APEX upright vacuum cleaner with DuoClean is the solution.

  • The large canister makes it easy to continue vacuuming
  • Zero-M technology makes it easier to pick up a large amount of hair
  • The DuoClean allows you to switch from hardwood to carpet without any problem.
  • ​Active Glide maneuverability can take some getting used to


5. Dyson V11 Animal Cordless

Dyson was a pioneer in wireless technology and, coupled with its advances in power suction, it has owned the wireless stick market for years. Its latest entry is no exception to the manufacturer’s desire to always find better ways to meet cleaning needs.

Often the weight of a cordless vacuum cleaner comes from the battery. Dyson vacuums have found a way to lighten lithium-ion batteries while increasing the total operating time possible.

This model has the longest possible operating time on our list in eco mode; the other two parameters consume energy more quickly.

Higher suction due to its exclusive cyclone technology results in the possibility of picking up larger debris and not stalling it in the vacuum tube. An LED screen displays the cleaning mode you are in and all maintenance alerts. The high torque cleaning head has an intelligent sensor to adapt to the surface, and is known to be safe for cleaning laminate or wooden floors.

The release of the trash at a touch wins the praise of some users and the complaints of others. The unit transforms into a portable vacuum cleaner by removing the vacuum cleaner tube, and the full length or portable portion can be used with the various electronic tools.

Some users note that removing the tube or head can be difficult if the push lever is not working properly. Overall, however, this V11 will likely dominate some comparisons in the future as more and more people test it.

  • Incredible suction power
  • Automatically adjusts suction power
  • Screen displays remaining execution time
  • Ideal for stairs, carpets, hard floors and pets
  • Good size trash can with easy emptying
  • Still only one battery
  • Not cheap


6. Bissell Pet Hair Eraser 1650A

Bissell is well known for making very good machines, they back up their work with reliable and very, very good equipment. We’ve been fans of it for a long time, so there shouldn’t be any surprises as they top our list of the best vacuum for long hair.

It is also the most economical option on our list, we always evaluate the products according to their value and we consider the price before recommending anything. So you can rest assured that what you get is worth the money you invest in.

It really does have all the gadgets you could want and more, maybe a little too much, but little things like LED lights on crevice tools make a surprising difference after you’ve been using them for a while.

Small touches, for example, that channel purified air in front rather than behind, make it a very pleasant experience, as far as the vacuum cleaner can be anyway. We all know that long hair can come anywhere and everywhere, the quick release wand is perfect for hard to reach areas where you find a hot spot of long hair while vacuuming, it takes a second to release it and you are far away.

The best thing about this product is the tangle-free brush roller, I’m sure you’ve used a brush roller before, it’s great. Until they stop working of course, they get so tangled that there is really no visible brush left, the way Bissell got out of it by developing a tangle-free brush tool, it really works! It also looks great, something I never thought I’d say about a paintbrush tool before.

  • HEPA filtration will keep allergens inside the bin
  • Decent size container easy to empty
  • Hair does not curl on the motorized brush
  • Swivel steering makes maneuvering easier
  • Heavy – weight near 20 pounds
  • Pet TurboEraser has low agitation
  • Ground floor tool has no LED headlights


7. BISSELLProHeat 2X Revolution Max Clean

The Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pro 1986 is our first choice for cleaning up after your long hairs. This model is designed to remove stains and odors from animals on your carpets. In fact, it is even strong enough to get rid of skunk odors.

To thoroughly clean your carpets, this product has 12 rows of Dual Dirt Lifter electric brushes. The electric brushes rotate, guaranteeing complete removal of stains.

If you have particularly tough stains, the Clean Shot feature can help you remove them. It will provide a more concentrated spray of the solution on areas of your carpets that require additional work.

In addition to being used to clean your carpets, you can also use the Bissell ProHeat to clean upholstered furniture. It comes with a two-in-one tool that will remove stains, odors and long hair from upholstered surfaces in your home.

Unlike other cleaners that will leave your carpets soaked for hours, your floors will dry quickly when you use this product. If you choose Express Clean mode, your floors should be dry in about half an hour.

This product is also light, weighing less than 18 pounds. This makes it easy to carry around your home and push around your floors to clean them. When you have finished cleaning your carpets, the EZ Clean brush roller cover will help you quickly clean the machine before putting it away.

  • Very fast drying time.
  • Includes excellent cleaning tools.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Incredibly easy to clean.
  • Solid construction and durability.
  • The capacity of the tank could be larger


8. Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

If your flooring frequently goes from solid to carpet and vice versa, consider using this Shark to cover both with good cleaning power. The brush head is designed for deep cleaning on carpets, gentle cleaning on solid floors and completely extinguishing if necessary. Although the weight is not light, the structure of this vacuum cleaner facilitates transport between the floors of your house.

The air filtration system includes two filters during manufacture and a HEPA filter to remove allergens and dust. All three are washable, so you don’t spend money replacing disposable filters. The swivel direction moves around the legs of the furniture and in the corners.

The portable Lift-Away system uses the handle of the rod, a shorter hose and several head accessories. These collect dust from furniture and cobwebs from the corners of the ceiling and, used with the smallest accessories, effectively conquer carpeted stairs. Critics note that the suction is excellent on all surfaces.

  • Assembling is easy.
  • HEPA filter works nicely.
  • Suction power is magnificent.
  • Easy to empty without having to touch waste
  • Tolerable noise level
  • Have no any lights.
  • Edge cleaning could be better.


9. Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum (ZU561)

If long hair problems really get you down, you will love the lightweight and versatile Shark Navigator tall upright vacuum.

We love this vacuum cleaner because of its ease of use. Have you ever tried to awkwardly lift a vertical vacuum cleaner on each staircase? With the Shark Navigator, covering all surfaces doesn’t have to be as hard. Go into Lift-Away mode in seconds and slide the lightweight vacuum tube through walls and corners for deep cleaning.

We were particularly surprised to find that the vacuum cartridge component detaches from the base in Lift-Away mode. Instead of having to carry around an awkward upright vacuum cleaner everywhere, you can take the box-shaped cartridge with you, which is easily transportable anywhere in the house. Has a vacuum cleaner ever been so comfortable and practical?

When you are ready to attack the floors again, simply attach the cartridge to the base and you are ready to go. In vertical mode, the process remains simple; Thanks to its fluid swiveling steering technology, the Shark Navigator easily responds to a movement of the wrist, sparing you the monotonous back and forth movements that the vacuum cleaner used to be.

This model brings an unbeatable combination to the table: it has a Zero-M cleaning head designed to prevent hair from getting trapped inside the device, and it has a powerful and consistent suction. You will do away with long hair in no time. And with its full anti-allergenic sealing technology + HEPA filter, you can be sure that pet dander will not be left behind, in the air or on the carpet. It’s hard to find anything bad to say about this beauty. For a really versatile and efficient light vacuum (13.4 lb), choose the Shark Navigator.

  • Washable HEPA filter
  • retractable feature that separates the cartridge body from the base of the floor
  • Uses cyclonic technology
  • No control on the handle
  • Does not rotate as easily as other models


10. Shark HV382 Rocket DuoClean

Sometimes you will see this vacuum cleaner listed as an amount in the name, but don’t be fooled by this label. It is a wired stick unit (30 feet) with built-in removable portable flexibility. The dust container and the motor can be connected to the motorized accessories for minimum cleaning power with strong suction.

A DuoClean brush head thoroughly cleans carpets and rugs, while the softer brush picks up large debris and dust on solid floors. The rocker to switch between the two is a floor switch. Unfortunately, if you pick up a lot of dirt, you may need to empty the small dust bin frequently, a one-touch process on the trash can.

Users love LED light to help you see what’s in front of the brush head, especially when it comes to dust on hardwood or laminate. Some people note that ultralight in the name is a misnomer, and sometimes it can seem like you’re still wrestling with a giant on rugs. It comes with a short list of accessories that meet the most common cleaning needs.

If the storage space is limited and your floor plan is not large, this vacuum cleaner fits perfectly in closets or corners. Note that it comes with different accessories, depending on the model number you buy. The HV382 has the full set of everything.

  • Only 9.9 lbs (with engine on handle)
  • Turns into a portable machine
  • The mini motorized TruePet brush
  • Swivel steering
  • Filtration is not classified HEPA
  • Small dust / debris bin


Buying Guides – How To Choose The Best Vacuum for Long Hair?

1. Suction power

The brush picks up the hair but the suction power is what makes it move to the bin. To clean long hair, a vacuum must be powerful enough. Because strands and fur blobs can get stuck in vacuum tubes if the suction is not strong enough. The vacuum loses more power when the airflow slows down. This causes debris to build up behind the hair, causing a drastic drop in cleaning efficiency. The vacuum must be disassembled, the tube or wand must be inspected and the debris must be manually removed.

A powerful vacuum vacuum will not allow hair to block the vacuum’s airways, which makes it more effective for cleaning. Corded uprights are a better choice. These motors are usually powerful because the power source can supply the required wattage. The corded vacuums have a stronger airflow. This ensures that the vacuum never fails and that every hair is cleaned in your home.

2. Brush roll design

Over the years, there has been much research into improving brush roll design. There have been many improvements over the years, I should add. Today’s pet hair vacuums have brushes that are resistant to tangles. This reduces the time it takes to remove hair wraps. This is a great advantage, especially for those who are going to be cleaning long hairs. There are many designs to choose from. You should also consider the year of manufacture for your vacuum. You should be cautious when choosing the right type of vacuum to purchase.

A majority of brushes have a comb-shaped part at the top of the brush roll. Its purpose is to remove hair strands that are too long and can cause tangles. Modern brushes, such as the Shark vacuums, do not have bristles. The blades are made from blades that don’t allow hair to stick to the brush. These vacuums are great for long hair and if you have a high enough suction.

3. Brush Roll Control

The rotating brush is great for carpet cleaning. It removes dirt and debris from deep within the fibers. However, long hair can become caught in the bristles. It can be a problem if too many of them are wrapped around the brush. Vacuums that are less effective may not be able to agitate dirt as well, which can lead to a vacuum that is less effective. The spinning action of the brush roller may be affected by hair tangles.

Rotating brushes can be used only when there is no hair to pick up. This will help prevent hair tangles. Only vacuums with an on/off switch can do this. This allows you to control the brush roller, allowing you to turn it on or off when needed. The brush on/off feature is available on most vacuums today.

4. Hose and a transparent bin

Although the hose and bin won’t sucke up hair as much, you may find hairs stuck to these areas. Here are two important features to be aware of:

  • Are the hoses at most 1.5 feet wide and have there not been any sharp bends?
  • Is it possible to reach all parts of the hose or bins?

This first point prevents things getting stuck. The second point lets you clear clogs as they occur.

5. It is easy to disassemble

You will occasionally need to disassemble your vacuum parts to get rid of tangled hairs and stuck hairs. These components are the brush roll, bin, and hose. These parts are easy to find on most vacuums today. However, it is better to confirm before you buy your vacuum. This will save you the hassle of trying to reach your vacuum’s interior when checking for stuck hair.

6. Size

What size do you want your vacuum cleaner?

Storage is a problem in small households. In such a situation, a vacuum that looks like it is a beast might not be necessary.

The Eureka Neu180B Lightweight Powerful upright is a smaller and lighter machine that’s better suited for apartments and cozy homes.

Larger homes require larger vacuums to clean them. The vacuums such as the Miele Cat & Dog U1 Dynamic Upright, Vacuum Cleaner, are powerful and great for large areas.

7. Weight

Consider the weight of your vacuum. Anything over 3kg can feel heavy after long use. You can make this easier by choosing a cordless vacuum design that places the weight around the floor head and not the handle.

8. Filtration

When looking for a long-hair vac, your family’s health should be your first consideration. It is not a good idea to solve one problem and then create another. Consider how efficient the device can filter allergens. HEPA filters are the best. These filters can remove particles as small as 0.3 microns up to 99.97%. Look for vacuums with a complete seal. These vacuums do not have any openings that could allow particles to escape.

9. Bagless/Bagged

Each bag and bagless vacuum have their advantages. One design might be more suitable for you depending on your needs and preferences.

Bagged vacuums are easier to clean up and reduce the chances of spilling vacuumed-up contents. Bagged vacuums don’t produce as many indoor air pollutants than free-flowing models. However, the enclosed design can result in a vacuum with less suction power. You will also need to replace the bag. This means that you will have to allocate certain funds for this purpose.

In recent years, bagless vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular. These vacuums have better suction. They can also recirculate indoor pollutants if they don’t have HEPA filters. Bagless vacuum cleaners should not be flushed down the drain or rinsed down the sink.

10. Corded/Cordless

You have to choose between a corded or cordless vacuum cleaner. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages.

The cordless vacuums allow you to move anywhere. It can be used to clean any area without the need for outlets. You don’t have to worry about tripping on a cord. You should still be careful with the fuel gauge. These machines can only last for about 30 minutes before they need to be recharged.

Corded vacuum cleaners are great for long hair. While you can work for hours, you’ll need to be connected to an outlet. Although they are stronger than cordless counterparts due to their bulk, they are also larger.

11. Price

Any decision you make will likely be influenced by the price. You will not find a vacuum cleaner below $100 and your options for vacuum cleaners under $200. The majority of our products are priced between $150-$400. The more money you spend, naturally, the more product you can expect to receive.

12. Warranty

The warranty is last but not least.

The vacuums I recommend are all well-designed and will last for many years. It is normal to want your purchase guaranteed. It is important to have your vacuum repaired if something goes wrong.


Tips and tricks for cleaning your vacuum cleaner for long hair

Don’t be so subjective that you don’t have to frequently clean your tangled brushless vacuum. Especially if your house is full of long hairs from domestic and human animals, it is essential to clean your vacuum cleaner properly and regularly.

As such, follow the following tips and tricks to maintain the excellence of your device for an extended period.

  • Since you’ve been in this job for a while, you must have long, abundant hair in your home. Then it is essential for you to make sure that your brush roller is clogged when using the vacuum cleaner.

Before using the machine, simply make a visual check. If there are a lot of strands of long hair clogged around the beater bar, gently remove them.

If necessary, you can carefully use scissors to remove stubborn strands from the bar. This will avoid the problems that you may encounter if long hairs invade your vacuum cleaner.

  • Even if your vacuum cleaner is designed to tackle long hair, it will still suffer from long-term wear. Thus, it is not superfluous to inspect all parts of the equipment at least once a month.

Examine the power cord (if it is wired) or the battery (if it is cordless), the brush roller, accessories, and other parts of the vacuum cleaner to see if there is a problem with them.

The most common problems include signs of rust, holes, scratches, cracks, broken wires, bulging batteries, etc. Try to correct these errors or replace the broken parts with new ones to ensure the performance of your device as well as your safety.

  • You should store your vacuum cleaner and its accessories in the same place. The perfect state of storage is a cool and dry place because the vacuum cleaners are like any other electronic device.
  • Empty the trash / change new bags whenever you find them full. Turn off the vacuum cleaner when it starts to heat up too much. In general, do not force any part of the device to overload.
  • Clean your device often, especially the filter.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How should I clean my vacuum cleaner without a bag?

It may sound complicated, but it’s actually a very simple task. You can follow the steps of our instruction:

  • Take the vacuum cleaner outside and turn it off.
  • Detach the dust container. Even if it’s empty, you won’t want the residue to be spread throughout your home.
  • Immerse a damp cloth in lukewarm water and use it to wipe the dust bin (if it is removable). Alternatively, you can also use a brush to clean up stubborn dirt buildup.
  • Dry and reconnect the components.

Finished! Now your vacuum cleaner will look new and be ready to work again!

2. When should I clean or change the filter on my vacuum cleaner?

Depending on the volume of dirt sucked in by your vacuum cleaner, you should clean or change its filters at least once or twice a year.

Also, if you see strange signs such as mold or mold odors emanating from your device, it is high time for you to wash or replace the filters.

Because each model has a different filter in a different position, you should carefully read the manufacturer’s user manual on how to clean or replace the filters. Otherwise, you risk spoiling them.

3. Why do sometimes I have electric shocks when I use my vacuum cleaner?

Since all vacuum cleaner handles are plastic, you don’t have to worry about a fatal electric shock from the electrical outlet.

In most cases, the static shock you feel is likely to result from the friction generated when the vacuum cleaner rubs against surfaces and objects such as floors, carpets, rugs, or furniture.

This is normal and almost inevitable. However, you can apply anti-static sprays to the things and surfaces that you are going to vacuum. This could help reduce the risk of static shock if you find them bothersome.

4. Is it possible to vacuum hair from human beings?

Yes, you can. Vacuuming is the best choice, as you can’t control the amount of hair your furry friends shed. You will need to read the labels to ensure that you choose a pet-friendly vacuum. It is designed to remove hairs from pets and family members. These vacuums come with tools that are specifically made to pick hair, and can reach into tight corners.

5. How can you make long hair from a carpet?

It isn’t going to be an easy task, but you can do it with the right tools, which is a vacuum. You must first know what type of carpet you are trying to clean. A nylon brush is preferred over a hard brush for a shaggy or soft rug. The vacuum should be used to massage the rug, not to agitate it.

To remove hair from tough carpets, a vacuum must have strong bristles.

6. How do you clean a bagless vacuum cleaner?

It should be very easy. Then, take your vacuum outside to empty the dustbin. Even if the vacuum has been empty, you may still have some residue that you don’t wish to release into your home. Turn off the vacuum. If the dust cup is not removable, you can use warm water and a damp cloth to clean it. A brush is sometimes used to get rid of stubborn dirt. Your vacuum will be ready to go once more after it has dried.

7. A bagged and a non-bagged vacuum cleaner for long hair: What’s the difference?

This applies to long hair as well as other types of trash. Bagless vacuum cleaners are more economical than buying containers. However, they still require additional filters that must be maintained and washed regularly.

The noise and chaos involved in emptying a model’s bagless bin can be problematic if you have allergies or asthma.

8. How can I tell if it is time to clean or change the filters?

You should change your filters every two years depending on how often you use your vacuum. However, if there are other symptoms such as a strange smell coming from the vacuum, it might be time to replace them. Depending on which model you have, filters are located in different locations on your vacuum. Make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to replace or clean them.

9. How can I tell if it is time to replace the vacuum filter?

A filter should be changed every 6 months. It is a good idea to contact the manufacturer of your filter for their recommendations.

10. Do I need to service my vacuum less often if I have longer hair?

Vacuuming floors with embedded hair causes more wear to a vacuum. A professional can check your vacuum every year or twice a year to catch any minor problems before they become major issues that could lead to a costly replacement.


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As you can see, it’s much easier to find the perfect brushless roller vacs than you thought before reading our article.

All you have to do is follow our buying guide or choose one from our list of the best long hair vacuums.

Consider what you need most, what you can trade and how much you can afford. Then you should be able to buy a suitable product.

If you still have questions, ask them below in the comments section. By the way, if you are looking for best robot vacuum for carpet, you can read more here.

Thanks for reading!

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